What are Red Dots?

Red Dot GraphicA red dot is a single moment in time where someone’s choices, actions, words, or behaviors contribute to or tolerate violence in any way.

Power Based Personal Violence: a form of violence that has as a primary motivator the assertion of power, control, and/or intimidation in order to harm another. This includes dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other uses of force, threat, intimidation, or harassment of an individual. It also includes the use of alcohol or drugs to commit any of these acts. These acts are inclusive of acts committed by strangers, friends, acquaintances, intimates, or other persons.

Sexual Assault: Any sexual contact that lacks consent and/or capacity to give consent

Dating Violence: Physical, sexual, or psychological harm, or threat of harm, by a current or former partner

Stalking: Course of conduct targeted at an individual or group that would cause a reasonable person to feel afraid (following, obsessive Facebooking, texting, calling, unwanted letters, gifts, etc)

If you or a friend have experienced a red dot and are looking for resources, please check out some of your options by clicking the link below.

Title IX Resources

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