Law School Cooperative Program With Capital University

Wittenberg University students interested in legal careers have a pathway to a graduate degree at Capital University thanks to an agreement with Capital University School of Law.

According to the agreement, students who complete their undergraduate degree while earning at least 50 percent of their credits at Wittenberg have the opportunity to be considered for acceptance to Capital University’s School of Law. Wittenberg graduates must rank in the top half of their graduating class, and applicants must achieve a minimum LSAT score that is equivalent/equal to the median LSAT of the prior year’s entering class at Capital.

The agreement represents a significant opportunity for Wittenberg students to make a seamless transition to graduate school. Wittenberg and Capital are separated by less than 50 miles, they are both affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the two schools share a long history of academic cooperation and collaboration.

In addition to the graduate school opportunity, Wittenberg students interested in pursuing legal careers have an undergraduate opportunity, too, after Wittenberg also introduced a minor in Justice, Law & Public Policy (JLPP) in 2018. The minor was created to develop students’ capacity to think, read and communicate with precision, understanding and imagination and then hone those skills by applying them to social justice, legal and policy issues.

All students interested in the JLPP minor must complete at least one course in reasoning and formal or informal logic. In consultation with their advisor, students select a theme of study and choose elective courses from a wide range of courses, including communication, economics, history and philosophy.

Any student from the School will have satisfied the requirements for admission to CULS if they complete the following:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg;
  • Rank in the top half of his/her class at Wittenberg;
  • Earn at least 50% of his/her undergraduate credits at Wittenberg;
  • Achieve a minimum LSAT score that is equivalent/equal to the median LSAT of the prior year’s entering class at CULS;
  • Meet CULS’s good character requirements; and
  • Fully complete a CULS application in a timely manner.
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