Occupational Therapy Cooperative Program

Wittenberg offers a cooperative 3-2 program with Washington University's School of Occupational Therapy, as well as excellent preparation for admission to other occupational therapy programs.

Occupational therapy provides a unique health and rehabilitation service to aid individuals with disabling conditions to become as independent as possible in carrying out their daily tasks. With the current demand for occupational therapists high, students have the opportunity to prepare for a variety of work in skilled nursing, clinical nursing, hospitals, schools and industrial settings.

The 3-2 Program with Washington University

Students interested in this program spend three years at Wittenberg completing the general education program and a significant number of courses in biology, including the prerequisite courses for admission to Washington University. Students then apply for admission to the occupational therapy program at Washington University.

Upon acceptance, students begin work on a master's degree and acquire knowledge in the basic and applied science, theory of occupational therapy and assessment practices. Students also complete an assistantship and work with Washington University faculty on research, teaching or the practice of occupational therapy. After completing the first year at Washington University, students receive a bachelor of arts (B.A.) from Wittenberg.

During the second year at Washington University, the program focuses on occupational therapy practice and the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Client-centered approaches include direct intervention strategies, skill training, assistive technology, environmental modification, and client education and consultation. After the second year, students receive a master of science (M.S.) in occupational therapy and can pursue board certification. Students also have the option of continuing the doctoral degree program.

Although Wittenberg students are not guaranteed admission to Washington University, the acceptance rate for our students has been 100 percent.

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