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Mallory Kobler Made The Most Of Internship At Stanley Steemer

After transferring to Wittenberg prior to the 2016-17 school year, Mallory Kobler switched her major from International Studies to Marketing. She found an opportunity to work as an intern at Stanley Steemer, a Columbus, Ohio-based carpet cleaning company that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1947.

Mallory Kobler“Hello, Mallory! So, you were working as an intern in Stanley Steemer in your junior year?”

“Hi! Yes, I started this internship at the head quarter in Columbus because I had no marketing experience before. My main project was to carry out competitor analysis since the company had not operated marketing for their cleaning services to broader customers. I also helped write a creative brief for compiling company information. When my professor taught us about the marketing method in class, I thought in my mind, ‘Alright, I already learned about this. That’s really cool!’ So the internship taught me more than just the concepts that we learn in class.”

“How did you know about this company?”

“I heard about Stanley Steemer from a CEO, West Bates. He is a Witt alumni and working as a board director here, and I got a chance to talk to him and other alumni who work there as well."

“Did you utilize any services at Witt?”

“I have talked with Ms. Wendy Smiseck, a director of Career Services, in person. She was very kind to help with job searching, and introduced me to an online career service."

“I also visited Heath Queen. He is a wonderful asset. He looked over my resume, helped me find a job…and I’m going to set up a mock interview with him soon.”

“Mock Interview?”

“Yes! It really helped a lot. They had us go through everything like cover letters and resumes. We had a resume session, and getting to meet and practice with Witt alumni was very helpful as well.”

“Job & Internship Board?”

“Yes! They are definitely a great resource. It’s really important to utilize it in order to find a job, and the list of all the companies the web site has is just amazing…”

“Overall, did this internship experience give you something?”

“Definitely. I learned so much, such as how the real corporate world works, communication between different areas of marketing departments, and how the marketing concepts are used beyond classroom…"

"Along with internships for two years, I've done volunteer work as well. These opportunities build up your experience and skills. You cannot get those from only class work. It’s all about the combination of different learning/working experiences and environments in order to do your best in the future.”

Compiled By: Mizuho Harada '18

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