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Angelique Gabrielle '17 Strives To Become An Organ Professor

A music major with a minor in technical theater, Angelique graduated from Wittenberg in 2017. She is applying to graduate schools, including Cincinnati Conservatory-College of Music. Her words offer encouragement for current students who are seeking a job, especially for those who are interested in a career in music.

Angelique Gabrielle“So, how is the application going?”

“I already talked to the faculty there and had an audition, and I’m waiting for the response now. I’m just getting letters and recommendations, sending my transcripts, things like that. The professor is a wonderful guy too, and he and Dr. Crean knew each other. ”

“Why did you choose the college?”

“A lot of professors in the Wittenberg music department actually went to the conservatory. Dr. Jones, a violin professor, a tuba player, and my voice teacher went there. I love how they are as professors in such…so I was just like, ‘wow, maybe I can get a very good education there!’ Plus, once I researched the school, it had basically everything that I could want from the graduate school - organ programs are very extensive and very thorough, and I love it.”

“So when and how did you decide to apply for the graduate school?”

“Oh, I knew my freshman year already, and I tried to utilize as many faculty as I could to get information about the school. I did talk to Dr. Crean, Dr. Grogan, Dr. Zinter, and Dr. Jones asking things like, ‘What’s grad school like? What do I need to look for? What are they looking for from me?’”

“How did you build up your skill while you were a student at Wittenberg?”

“I was a tutor in the music department, which helped me with theory aspects. Also, I have recently started tutoring organ. So I’m kind of already acting like a professor in some aspect by helping students and also developing a passion for the organ as well.”

“Did you have any experience with the organ before?”

“I was a beginner when I first came to Wittenberg. I virtually had no keyboard experience, and Dr. Crean, my organ teacher, worried about my organ skill at first, but I ended up being a contender for one of the most prestigious conservatories in the country, so…that’s good!”

“Wow, how did you achieve that!?”

“Soul. My soul for the music department. I spent like 6 hours a day in a practice room during my freshman year.”

“Six hours every day?”

“Everyday! Except Fridays, plus doing other ensembles…orchestra, band, choir, and hand bell choir…I think last year I was in all ensembles except the jazz band. These experiences also enhanced my knowledge and skill.”

“Lastly, do you have any advice for students who are trying to go to a graduate school?"

“Yeah, the main thing I would suggest is…’Be persistent’. I applied to a graduate school by my senior year, which was denied. However, I applied again to another graduate school. If you really want to do it, be persistent. Sometimes it's just not the right time, but eventually you will break way. Just keep going, keep practicing, and holding your skills even more so when the time comes people will be really impressed with you."

“Talking to professors is also important, just like you did?”

“Yes! Don’t be afraid to talk to the faculty at the graduate school you are applying to because getting their advice is more than helpful…you can get a feel for the climate of the school and know what they will expect from you for things such as auditions and interviews. That’s very important. I think that’s one of the most important.”

“This is true to any graduate program! I feel many students apply without talking to anyone, not making themselves known, you know…so take advantage of resources as much as you can. The more you utilize your resources, the better off you will be.”

Compiled by: Mizuho Harada '18

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