Internship Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of the Student Intern:

  • Access to an appropriate placement.
  • A reasonably safe internship environment.
  • Adequate supervision.
  • Necessary tools and equipment to perform services.
  • Agreed upon academic awards.

Rights of the Internship Site:

  • Accurate representation of student's skills and experience including appraisal of any physical or mental limitations.
  • Appropriate student placement by the University.
  • Complete execution of assigned work by the intern.

Rights of the Academic Institution:

  • Accurate description of the nature and requirements of internship opportunity.
  • Fulfillment of student's rights by the internship site.
  • Student compliance with requirements and responsibilities.

The site supervisor and Wittenberg reserve the right to terminate the internship at any time, if either determines that the intern's further participation is detrimental to Wittenberg, to the site, or to the student. The intern may terminate the internship at any time, for any reason, but shall remain liable to the site and to Wittenberg for any unsatisfied obligations that arise from this agreement.

Issues of Liability

Wittenberg University does not control the way in which the experiential learning opportunity is structured or how the internship site operates. In granting credit for the internship, the University affirms that, to the best of its judgment, the experience is an appropriate curricular option for students in a liberal arts program of study and worthy of Wittenberg credit, but makes no other assurances, expressed or implied, about travel or living arrangements the student has made.

Wittenberg University does not approve internship opportunities which pose undue risks to their participants. However, any internship or travel carries with it potential hazards which are beyond the control of Wittenberg and its agents or employees.

Issues of liability are always potentially present. Two types of liability exist: 1) injury caused by the student; and 2) injury caused to the student. Most sites provide liability insurance for their employees and interns. Wittenberg University does not provide liability insurance for personal injury or property damage to students occurring while on internships. Neither does it provide professional liability or malpractice insurance to cover errors of student interns.

Specifically, student interns are not covered for errors that would result in the invasion of privacy, breach of confidentiality, slander or libel, or injury to an employee at the agency or firm.

The site supervisor should voice legal concerns with the faculty supervisor, and any non-compete or non-disclosure policy should be indicated in writing and signed by the student. All parties involved in the internship should have copies of special agreements.

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