Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room

Recognizing a need for a quiet space with a washing area that was not designed for any one religious group, the Interfaith Committee identified a space on the second floor of Thomas Library and dedicated it to serve as the Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room.

While Weaver Chapel is also always available for prayer for anyone during the day, it is often a large and busy space, as well as a Christian space. The Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room is intended for use by students, faculty, and staff members of all faith backgrounds, including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity, or for private meditation.

The photos on the walls in the Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room were taken by students as part of a request by the Interfaith Committee and carefully placed so they would not conflict with prayer. The space has a place for washing, and there is a prayer rug available. There are also meditation pillows that were given in memory of Katie Choate, a 2001 graduate, by her family. They are in a locked closet, and the key can be obtained from the information desk near the entrance of Thomas Library.

This space is maintained by the Interfaith Committee. If you ever see any needs for the space, please reach out to the Pastor's Office at The Pastor's Office funds any needs for the space as part of the pastoral commitment and Wittenberg's commitment as a University affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America to assist all members of the community to express their faith and/or spirituality.

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