Torch Bearer Award

The Torch Bearer Award is the highest award presented to a Wittenberg staff member. This award is presented to a Wittenberg staff employee who clearly personifies the Wittenberg Motto - "Having Light We Pass it On to Others." Wittenberg's mission and values state that Wittenberg challenges students to become responsible global citizens, to discover their callings, and to lead personal, professional, and civic lives of creativity, service, compassion, and integrity. This staff member models the type of life and service that is a reflection of those values. This award recognizes a staff member who is passionate about the University, Wittenberg students, and their own personal role in making Wittenberg a better place on a daily basis.


To be eligible, a staff employee must have at least five full years of service to the University. This award is presented to one staff employee annually at the spring awards event. An individual employee is only eligible to receive this award once during their career at Wittenberg.

Past winners:

  • 2020: Jules Tignor
  • 2021: Beth Hallauer
  • 2022: Kristen Collier
  • 2023: Megan Hilliard
  • 2024: Elizabeth Howe


  • Demonstrates the Wittenberg motto, mission and values;
  • Enhances the quality of life at Wittenberg for colleagues and students;
  • Provides outstanding and ongoing service and dedication to the Wittenberg community;
  • Promotes a sense of community by bringing people together for a common purpose.


  • This award is not given lightly. When making your nominations, please look for a person who has gone above and beyond their stated job duties for the University and who truly embodies the spirit of this award.
  • Any Wittenberg employee can submit a nomination for this award. Self-nominations are not accepted. Anonymous nominations are not permitted.
  • All nominations should be submitted through the online form below.
  • The nomination period typically begins in mid-October and extends through December/January. The 2024-25 nomination period will open in fall 2024.
  • Presentation of the award will occur at the spring awards event.
  • The nomination will include the completed nomination form (uploaded using the form below during the open nomination period) with a statement citing specific accomplishments and services of the nominee related to the specified criteria. Click here to download blank nomination form.
  • The nominator should also solicit two additional letters of support for the nomination from other employees, faculty or students (including alumni) who have personal knowledge of the nominee's services. The letters can be uploaded using the form below.


  • A subcommittee of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) will review all nominations during the month of January and make recommendations to the SAC in full.
  • The SAC will then forward the final recommendations to the University President who will present the award at the spring Service Awards event.

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