Charge to the University Planning Commission

Strategic Planning 2016: Committee Charge

At an important time in the life of our historic University, the University Planning Commission will lead the entire campus community in an open and consultative process to gather input and generate ideas; will assess the University's current human, financial, curricular, co-curricular, and other resources and challenges and review the demographic, cultural, and economic conditions external to the University likely to shape its future; will draft and share with the community for feedback a dynamic and focused strategic plan that will position the University for success and will include ongoing monitoring and updating based on identified metrics and benchmarks.

The University Planning Commission will at all times consider the larger good of the University in its process and deliberations, will hold bi-monthly meetings with the University President to update him on its progress, will provide reports to the Board of Directors at its May and October Board meetings, and the Commission will bring to the Board of Directors at its February 2017 meeting a final recommendation for a strategic plan.

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