Strategic Planning 2016

Renewing the Promise: Wittenberg 2022 sought to propel the college to new heights of excellence. It was created in collaboration with the campus and extended community and led by the University Planning Commission (UPC).

In addition to mapping a distinctive path for Wittenberg's continued success, this strategic planning process focused on the most promising initiatives and areas of development that align with Wittenberg's vision, mission, and our historical moment.

First, Wittenberg needs to grow steadily to reach the right size for its campus and its aspirations. The world needs more graduates with the vision, skills, and experience that Wittenberg provides.

Second, as a diverse residential community dedicated to intellectual inquiry and wholeness of person, Wittenberg looks to enhance its student experience so that more of our graduates benefit from all that the university has to offer, while continuing to discover their callings and related career paths.

Third, Wittenberg will expand and deepen its relationships even more, both in the bonds that unite the campus, and its deep connection to alumni and friends in Springfield and around the world, through a commitment to become "A Great College to Work For" and the launch of a comprehensive campaign.

It will take hard work, perseverance, and careful execution to reach these goals, but Wittenberg has shown itself to be nothing if not resilient in the face of many challenges in its more than 170 years. This community is honored by the example of those who built and sustained this institution across many previous generations, and now this same community is working together toward renewing the promise of this great university.

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