Themes & Objectives

Wittenberg is currently implementing several action items centered around three themes designed to move Wittenberg forward. More on each theme is provided below.

Belong and Thrive Strategic Planning Graphic

Belong and Thrive

Today’s learners are challenged by a world changing at a pace unlike any other era. Staying true to our promise of providing a distinctive, life-changing education, we must articulate the power of developing our students to boldly lead personal, professional, and civic lives of creativity, service, compassion, and integrity. This process starts by being ready for today’s students, helping them experience a robust and vibrant student experience, and grow within a community of connection.

Engage and Excel Strategic Planning Graphic

Engage and Excel

The power of a Wittenberg education can be felt in the classroom, but the type of development a student experiences at Wittenberg reaches far beyond it: into extra- and co-curriculars, experiential learning opportunities, and extends into a student’s post-graduate career. Every experience encapsulated within students’ time at Wittenberg—from their academic program, to internships and study away, to the infrastructure of the University itself—has a vital role in helping students develop and grow.

Compete and Win Strategic Planning Graphic

Compete and Win

It is not enough for Wittenberg to improve within the confines of our own campus. Our motto—having light we pass it on to others—requires that we share our good work with prospective students whose lives can be changed by a Wittenberg education. We must also invest in the faculty and staff who deliver on our promise each day. The charge of developing our students must be shared with strategic partners who can extend the powerful work of helping our students thrive after graduation.

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