In Their Own Words

In working on the Credo's Move the Needle project, Module Team members have developed strong relationships across campus while leading cultural change in the Wittenberg community.

The effort has resulted in renewed understanding and a deeper appreciation for cross-campus collaboration in furthering student success. Here are a few testimonials from those who are leading the individual Module Teams.

Noah Lamb"Setting up every student for success has been at the core of the work of the Business of Being a Student team from the start. Our efforts have not only revealed areas of improvement in how we engage our students in the Wittenberg experience, but they have also revealed the power of campus-wide collaboration to effect meaningful change that makes for an even stronger University." - Noah Lamb, Co-Chair, Business of Being a Student Module Team

Ross Jackson"The Career Readiness group of Credo’s Move the Needle project focused on aspects of how degree majors and minors, learning and leadership experiences, and skill development intersect when examining career exploration and preparation. Within this group career clusters were developed that synthesize across Wittenberg areas of study. This enables students with majors across the liberal arts to understand how the skills they are developing in their major prepares them for various career opportunities. Similarly, this group explored how the new experiential learning curriculum provides the development of useful and rewarding career skills. All of this was explored through the lens of career as a vocation. This enhanced focus on career readiness will benefit Wittenberg students through increased awareness of career exploration and will further contribute to the greater Wittenberg community through stronger alumni interaction and mentorship." - Ross Jackson, Assistant Professor of Business; Program Director, Master of Science in Analytics

Mike Mattison and Grace Sever"The Academic Advising team has made significant strides in helping to support our incoming students and to meet them where they are. We know that we need to adapt and evolve our advising approach, while staying true to our advising philosophy of providing "professional, competent advice for each student with respect to educational, vocational, and personal planning." The combination of faculty and staff on the team has allowed us to better understand what various campus partners do and how we can structure productive collaborations." - Mike Mattison and Grace Sever, Co-Chairs, Academic Advising ModuleTeam

Adam Parker"The point of partnering with CREDO was to create communication pathways to improve processes for our students, especially across divisions and areas where barriers have grown up. Silos evolve over time and through CREDO we have broken down many of them. And more will fall because of the work of Wittenberg on behalf of CREDO." - Adam Parker, Co-Chair, Business of Being a Student Module Team

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