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Frequently Asked Questions: Student Employment

May I work on campus?

If you have a work award you are eligible to work on campus. However, you may not begin working until you have received a student employment contract and completed all required tax paperwork. To view the required tax paperwork and acceptable forms of ID, please visit our website. Original ID must be presented in person to the Office of Student Employment.      

If I do not have a work award, what are my options?

Work awards may be added if you are able to secure a job with Dining Services, Upward Bound, or one of our Community Partners

How do I get a work award?

If incoming freshmen or transfer students are eligible for student employment, work awards are included in their financial aid package. Returning students who secure employment and return a completed student employment contract in the spring semester prior to returning in the fall also qualify for work awards. The amount of work award for returning students is dependent on the completed contracts submitted in the previous spring.

How do I find a job?

There are several ways to begin your job search: 

  • Contact each department to see if  positions are available. If not, ask to see if they will put your name on a waiting list.
  • Check postings on the website. If a position interests you, click on the position to read the job description. To apply, simply click on the email address for the hiring supervisor and email them with your interest for the position.
  • Stop by the Office of Student Employment located in COMPASS in the library.

How do I fill out my time card?

In order to be paid, time cards must be completed and submitted by the deadlines. Time cards are found on MyWitt and must be electronically submitted by certain deadlines.  A tutorial on how to fill out your time cards is found on the student employment website. The student payroll schedule that outlines time card completion dates is also posted on the student employment website.   

How do I get paid?

All working students who electronically submit their time cards by the deadline will be paid. Students are paid monthly, usually on the 15th of the following month. The pay date schedule is found on the student employment website. Pay is deposited into your activated BankMobile Vibe account. If you would prefer to have your pay go directly to your student account, you may complete a form in the Office of Student Employment authorizing your pay to  go directly to your student account.  

How do I activate my BankMobile account?

Log onto BankMobile at to activate your account. This website as well as a toll free number can be found on the back of your Wittenberg ID. If you would like your pay to be deposited in an established bank account, you can designate this through BankMobile as well.

How long does my position last?

Most contracts for student employment are for the academic year and are contingent on satisfactory job performance. Some positions, especially seasonal, may be for a shorter period of time. All students who would like to return to their position the following year must be rehired by the department.

Since I have a work award, will I automatically be given a job?

No. It is the student's responsibility to secure employment. A work award means that you are eligible to earn the amount awarded if you are able to secure a position. 

How many hours may I work?

Students are encouraged to work the total number of hours awarded in their financial aid package not to exceed 18 hours per week. If a student works in more than one position, the total hours for all positions per week may not exceed the total number of hours awarded in the financial aid package or 18 hours per week. When a student earns the total amount of the work awarded, they are no longer permitted to work through the Office of Student Employment.    

Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Employment at 937-327-7819 or email Laura Siemon at if you have any questions concerning student employment.

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