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Student Employment Forms

Required Paperwork

Once a student secures employment, the following forms must be completed and on file prior to beginning work:

  1. USCIS Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
  2. Federal, state and local tax forms
  3. Other tax forms (International Students only)

The completion of these forms is essential to the operation of Student Employment, and failure to complete them may result in the forfeiture of compensation. Additionally, the department may require employees to complete departmental contracts, which include more detailed descriptions of student responsibilities.

The Student Employment Contract must be completed annually, each time a student changes jobs, as well as any time a student works for Wittenberg during the summer break period.

The I-9 requires the student employee to present original forms of identification (e.g., passport, drivers license, social security card, birth certificate). Details regarding the I-9 and a list of acceptable IDs can be found by clicking on the U.S. Department of Justice Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form found under "Required Documents." The I-9 form is required only once during the four years. Furthermore, the student must complete a W-4 tax form and any other tax documents that might be necessary.

These forms are available from and will be kept on file by the Student Employment Office. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork has been completed and received by the Student Employment Office prior to beginning work.

Students may not work until all paperwork is completed.

Required Documents

Optional Documents

These forms are for students to complete if they want their pay to go to their student account or if they want to cancel their pay going to student accounts.

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