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Student Payroll Schedule

Wittenberg University Student Payroll Schedule

As an employee (or supervisor) it is YOUR responsibility to:

  1.  KNOW your deadlines - know when your time cards are due and when they need to be approved.  Make appropriate notations/reminders in your calendar. You should not rely on emails that may not continue to be sent.  Notification will be sent if a date must be changed.
  2. Complete each work period as it occurs - do NOT wait until the end of a pay period to try to enter all days worked. This causes web time out errors that could cause you to not receive pay.
  3. Go to the BankMobile website and make appropriate entries for how you wish your pay to be distributed.
  4. Supervisors may review time cards at any time throughout the month and may approve them any time between the employee's deadline and the supervisor deadline. Supervisors should not approve the card until after the student has marked it complete as this prevents the student from making additional entries.

Click Here For Student Payroll Schedule

Laura Siemon
Office of Student Employment
COMPASS: Sweet Success Center
(937) 327-7819


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