Leadership Opportunities

CABLE Group PhotoCommunication and Business Leadership Experience (CABLE)

Contact: Stefne Broz, Associate Professor of Communication,

CABLE is a unique, high-impact professional development opportunity open to Communication, Business, and Sport Management majors and minors. Students learn how to present themselves professionally, network with communication practitioners in a variety of fields, conduct research on case studies and present recommendations to those professionals, and ultimately create a smoother transition for themselves into their career after graduating from Wittenberg.

Honor Council Student Member

Contact: Lindsay Meermans, Associate Professor of Business, meermansl@wittenberg.edu

Student members will meet periodically during the year with faculty and staff members of the Honor Council to accomplish the following: (a) Maintain and enforce standards of academic integrity. (b) Create and conduct educational programming designed to promote academic integrity. (c) Advise and consult with the student body, faculty members, and administrative officers on matters pertaining to academic integrity. (d) Serve on Honor Council Hearing Boards to explore and investigate the incident giving rise to the appearance of academic dishonesty and to reach an informed conclusion as to whether academic dishonesty occurred.

Education Department Student Advisory Board Executive Team

Contact: Dr. Sally Brannan, Professor of Education, sbrannan@wittenberg.edu

The Education Department Student Advisory Board was established in 1968 and is made up of Education majors/minors and Educational Studies majors/minors who are either elected by their peers or appointed by the department faculty. Their role is: 1) To have voice and vote in curriculum and policy decisions of the Department. 2) To communicate the concerns of teacher candidates to the Department. 3) To provide a communication link between faculty and teacher candidates. 4) To help the Education Department strengthen the Teacher Education Program. The "Executive Team" is a new subset of the Board who will be elected by the Board themselves. They will serve as "department ambassadors" and conduct purposeful readings and reflections on developing leadership skills that actualize the department's mission of "Developing Educational Leaders for Constructive Social Change."

Men's Lacrosse Team Leader

Contact: Jay Owen, Men's Lacrosse Head Coach, owenj@wittenberg.edu

Provide guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to the team for the purpose of achieving the key result of establishing and maintaining team culture. The team leader monitors the qualitative achievements of the team culture and reports to coaching staff. The leader often works within the team, as a member, carrying out the same roles but with the additional ‘leader' responsibilities.

Honors Ambassador

Contact: Beth Hallauer, Associate Director of the Honors Program, hallauerb@wittenberg.edu

Honors Ambassadors are a select group of University Honors students who represent the University Honors Program on campus and in the community. They take a leadership role assisting new students in their transition to Wittenberg and to the University Honors community. Honors Ambassadors also assist in recruitment efforts by welcoming prospective Wittenberg students at on- and off-campus events. Honors Ambassadors are a bridge between prospective and current Honors students and are a powerful resource for attracting and retaining students to Wittenberg and the University Honors Program.

Executive Student Ambassador--Admissions Office

Contact: Michell Wilke, Assistant Director of Admissions, wilkem@wittenberg.edu

The Executive Student Ambassador position is a leadership role. A pre-requisite for this position is being a tour guide and going through all the training prior to applying. These students also have previously proven their leadership traits/strengths prior to being offered this position. They work directly with our prospective students and their families and have the understanding of how important their role is to our visitors and the future of our university. As an Executive Student Ambassador, individuals are required to help with the hiring, scheduling, managing and training of all tour guides. They will assist with interviews, create daily tour guides schedules for the semester, manage a team of student workers, edit/update all training materials and be involved at all training sessions. Students will also oversee the Tour Guide web page and help keep it updated. In addition, they will assist with all visit programs throughout the semester, including planning, student staffing, prepping and more.

Wittenberg Police Leadership Program

Contact: Katelyn Hammond, Police Officer, partlowk@wittenberg.edu

Students will have opportunities to learn about police responsibilities and what they do during their shifts. They will consult with a supervising officer throughout the semester. They will help with events when needed, like Commencement, and go on ride-alongs when possible. They will complete a reflection paper at the end of the semester stating what they learned and how the police department can better serve the students at Wittenberg.

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