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Phone Numbers

Administrative Offices(937) 327-7016
Circulation Desk(937) 327-7511
Research Help Desk(937) 327-7511

Library Addresses

Mailing Address

Thomas Library
Wittenberg University
P.O. Box 7207
Springfield, OH 45501-7207


Street Address

Thomas Library
Wittenberg University
801 Woodlawn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45504

Library Hours

Late Summer Hours -- August 5 to August 26, 2023

Monday8am to 4:00pm
Tuesday8am to 4:00pm
Wednesday8am to 4:00pm
Thursday8am to 4:00pm
Friday8am to 4:00pm

Thomas Library will be open on Sunday, August 27, from 5pm to 8pm.

Regular library hours will resume on Monday, August 28, 2023.


Regular Hours Fall 2023

SundayNoon to Midnight
Monday8am to Midnight
Tuesday8am to Midnight
Wednesday8am to Midnight
Thursday8am to Midnight
Friday8am to 8pm
Saturday10am to 8pm

Labor Day Weekend

Friday, September 18am to 5pm
Saturday, September 2Closed
Sunday, September 3Closed
Monday, September 4Closed

Fall Break

Friday, October 138am to 5pm
Saturday, October 14Closed
Sunday, October 15Closed
Monday, October 168am to 5pm
Tuesday, October 178am to Midnight

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 218am to 5pm
Wednesday, November 22Closed
Thursday, November 23Closed
Friday, November 24Closed
Saturday, November 25Closed
Sunday, November 266pm to Midnight

Final Exams

Wednesday, December 68am to 1am
Thursday, December 78am to 1am
Friday, December 88am to 8pm
Saturday, December 910am to 8pm
Sunday, December 10Noon to 1am
Monday, December 118am to 1am
Tuesday, December 128am to 1am
Wednesday, December 138am to 1am
Thursday, December 148am to Midnight
Friday, December 158am to 5pm

Winter Break Hours

December 16 to January 8

Saturday, December 16Closed
Sunday, December 17Closed
Monday, December 188am - 5pm
Tuesday, December 198am - 5pm
Wednesday, December 208am - 5pm
Thursday, December 218am - 5pm
Friday, December 22Closed
Saturday, December 23Closed
Sunday, December 24Closed
Monday, December 25Closed
Tuesday, December 26Closed
Wednesday, December 27Closed
Thursday, December 28Closed
Friday, December 29Closed
Saturday, December 30Closed
Sunday, December 31Closed
Monday, January 1Closed
Tuesday, January 28am to 4pm
Wednesday, January 38am to 4pm
Thursday, January 48am to 4pm
Friday, January 58am to 4pm
Saturday, January 6Closed
Sunday, January 7Closed

Spring Semester

Regular Hours Spring 2024 -- Starting January 8

SundayNoon to 11:30pm
Monday8am to 11:30pm
Tuesday8am to 11:30pm
Wednesday8am to 11:30pm
Thursday8am to 11:30pm
Friday8am to 6pm
SaturdayNoon to 6pm

FIRE Week and Spring Break

Friday, February 238am to 4pm
Saturday, February 24Closed
Sunday, February 25Closed
Monday, February 268am to 4pm
Tuesday, February 278am to 4pm
Wednesday, February 288am to 4pm
Thursday, February 298am to 4pm
Friday, March 18am to 4pm
Saturday, March 2Closed
Sunday, March 3Closed
Monday, March 48am to 4pm
Tuesday, March 58am to 4pm
Wednesday, March 68am to 4pm
Thursday, March 78am to 4pm
Friday, March 88am to 4pm
Saturday, March 9Closed
Sunday, March 106pm to 11:30pm

Easter Break Hours

March 28 - 31

Thursday, March 288am - 7pm
Friday, March 29Closed
Saturday, March 30Closed
Sunday, March 316pm to 11:30pm


Saturday, April 20Noon - 5pm

Final Exams

Sunday, April 28Noon to 1:00am
Monday, April 298am to 1:00am
Tuesday, April 308am to 1:00am
Wednesday, May 18am to 1:00am
Thursday, May 28am to 1:00am
Friday, May 38am to 10pm
Saturday, May 410am to 10pm
Sunday, May 5Noon to 1:00am
Monday, May 68am to 1:00am
Tuesday, May 78am to 11:30pm
Wednesday, May 88am to 4pm
Thursday, May 98am to 4pm
Friday, May 108am to 4pm
Saturday, May 11Closed
Sunday, May 112Closed

Librarians may be reached at, or via chat on the library's website. You may also call 937-327-7511 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For more information on using Thomas Library's resources remotely, please see Using Library Resources from Off-Campus.




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