Employer/Recruiter Services

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at Wittenberg University. All of the services provided by Career Services are free of charge to employers, including our Internet job boards. If you want to recruit Wittenberg students and recent grads exclusively, please register on Wittenberg's Tiger Den: Job and Internship Board. Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to post job and internship openings as well as request on-camps visits and register for available fairs.

If you are planning on scheduling a campus visit, information about university holidays and breaks is available on the Academic Calendar. If you want to recruit Education majors or minors for teaching positions, please contact Wittenberg's Teacher Placement office at (937) 327-6318.

Campus Interviews

  • Want to meet individually with students or recent graduates to interview for full-time or internship positions? Interview rooms can be reserved for Fall or Spring semesters by contacting the Career Services office, at 937-327-7521 or careers@wittenberg.edu. Your interview date will be advertised to students and recent graduates through our events calendar and schedules posted in the Career Services office. (Recruiters also have the option of reviewing student résumés posted on our Wittenberg's Tiger Den: Job and Internship Board and contacting candidates directly to request that they sign up on the interview schedule posted in the Career Services office. Please note that our scheduling process is not automated; to prevent duplicate schedules, students need to sign up using the hard copy schedule posted in our office.) Because of limited office space, employers can only interview on campus once per semester.

Posting Full-Time Positions

  • To maximize your visibility to students, we strongly encourage you to use our Internet job boards: https://www.joinhandshake.com/employers/. You need a job description and a designated contact within your company along with his/her e-mail address, phone number and postal mailing address as part of the registration process. If you have any questions about the process, please contact careers@wittenberg.edu or 937-327-7521.

Finding Interns

  • If your organization wants to create an internship position for a Wittenberg student interested in a work experience that will allow them to gain academic credit, please contact Career Services at 937-327-7521 or careers@wittenberg.edu. To post an opening for an existing internship, please enter the information into the Tiger Den: Job and Internship Board. If you also want the posting to be filed in the Career Services library and shared with faculty internship coordinators, please send a copy to careers@wittenberg.edu or Wittenberg University, Career Services, P.O. Box 720, Springfield, OH, 45501.

Posting Part-Time or Seasonal Jobs

  • Part-time and seasonal jobs can be posted for free on our Tiger Den: Job and Internship Board or by sending job announcement(s) to the Career Services office. There are several advantages to posting your information on our Tiger Den: Job and Internship Board system: greater exposure to students, you control how long the posting can be viewed, and postings can be archived to make future recruitment easier.

Employer Information Sessions

  • Many employers conduct information sessions on campus in advance of, or in lieu of, on-campus interviews. Sessions can be arranged by contacting the Career Services office, at 937-327-7521 or careers@wittenberg.edu. The university's policy is for employers to arrange their information sessions through the Career Services office. If you are wanting to make a visit to a class, please do not contact faculty members directly. Additionally, our policy limits the scheduling of information sessions to one day per semester.

Information Tables

  • Tables can be staffed by recruiters or Wittenberg students who are past/current employees of your organization. To schedule a table in the Student Center, please contact Career Services office, at 937-327-7521 or careers@wittengerg.edu. Given the demand, tables are only available once a semester.

Mock Interviews

  • Recruiters are encouraged to volunteer their time by serving as mock interviewers. To schedule a date for students to practice their interview skills with you, please contact the Career Services office, at 937-327-7521 or careers@wittenberg.edu.

Employer Led Workshops/Seminars

  • Employers are invited to give presentations and seminars on various career and job search topics that will benefit our students such as how to effectively market oneself to employers and writing winning cover letters. To discuss ideas for a potential workshop or seminar, please contact the Career Services Director, at 937-327-7521 or careers@wittenberg.edu.

Advertising in the Student Newspaper

  • The Torch is Wittenberg's student-run newspaper. It is published every Thursday during the school year, except over winter and spring breaks. To advertise, please call the paper at 937-327-6151.

Student Organizations

  • Connecting with student organizations is a great way to raise awareness of your organization's opportunities. For a list of student organizations at Wittenberg, visit the Student Organizations web page.

Campus Map

  • Career Services is located in Thomas Library, Room 210 COMPASS: Sweet Success Center. The Thomas Library is designated as building #35 on the campus map.

Travel Directions

  • Wittenberg University is located in Springfield, Ohio, and is approximately 60 minutes from the Columbus airport and 35 minutes from the Dayton airport. Click here for travel directions from these airports.


  • A list of hotels in the Springfield area


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