International Education Insurance Information

Wittenberg requires that international students, like all U.S. Students, have adequate medical insurance.

Medical costs are very high in the U.S. and we have no national health care; if you should have an accident or have to go to a hospital, even a few days stay can cost you thousands of dollars.

Wittenberg requires an International Student Insurance plan which costs between $800-900 per year and will cover you while you are a student.

If you are already covered by your parents' insurance plan, Wittenberg insurance can be waived. You must, however, prove equivalent coverage ($50,000 medical plus $5,000 repatriation).

If you wish to waive the insurance, you will need to provide proof of equivalent coverage (in English). Once you have arrived on campus, you will be able to handle this during orientation week.

Note: Insurance through ISEP is acceptable for ISEP students.

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