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Travelin' Tigers

Check us out! We're global. Here are some of our favorite study abroad stories. #TigerUp #WittWorld

Megan Selby"Studying abroad was something I had wanted to do since I started applying to colleges. I worried that being a student-athlete with both a fall and spring season would prevent me from checking it off my bucket list. However, I stumbled upon the perfect summer opportunity for me in Copenhagen, Denmark." Read More ...

- Megan Selby '20

Sierra Sanchez"There are so many ways in which Wittenberg prepared me for my experience abroad, but I think its commitment to learning about and respecting other cultures helped me the most. Wittenberg also does a great job of opening up conversations about engaging in a more global environment." Read More ...

- Sierra Sanchez '19

Gretchen Burkey Photo"The world feels bigger. Being in another place makes you a lot more aware and open-minded. I was actually on my own and became more confident in my communication skills and it gave me motivation to continue traveling and learning about other places and cultures." Read More ...

- Gretchen Burkey '19

Kim Estenson Photo"I am beginning to understand what it means to be a global citizen by being part of this Wittenberg program. There is definitely a Wittenberg bubble that I feel connected to on campus, but there is also a Wittenberg international bubble where students are learning and impacting others all around the world." Read More ...

- Kim Estenson '19

Samantha Martens Photo"It’s been better than I could have ever imagined! Studying abroad in Germany has been one of the absolute best decisions I have ever made. I've taken German, communication, and international studies in school, as well as learning about the monuments, memorials, and museums in Germany. Now, I know a lot more about the German government system." Read More ...

- Samantha Martens '19

Devon Atchison Photo"Studying abroad is scary. It's not for the fainthearted; it's not for people who want to take the easy way out. Studying abroad is for people who like to take life by the horns so it's perfect for Witt students." Read More ...

- Devon Atchison '19

Maria Symons Photo"You’re carpooling with your housemate to work in the early morning. You look to your left to watch the sun rising lazily over the South China Sea; the light is just peeking over the top of Kapas Island, a little off shore. It’s a nice view, you couldn’t argue that. But it’s still not quite the same as the one you’ll have from the front of the classroom – it definitely won’t wake you up like the synchronized “good morning” you’ll get from your students." Read More ...

- Maria Symons '17

Irene Presper Photo“Aprovecha." This is a word that I heard almost constantly when I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain, this past semester. It translates directly as “take advantage,” but really is a command to “seize the day.” The Sevillanos use it in almost every context; you buy a coffee and the waitress says “aprovecha” instead of the typical “adios.” Read More ...

- Irene Presper '18

Hannah Reynolds Photo"Take every opportunity that is present to you even though you are in a small school and a small town! There’s so much opportunity both inside and outside campus that you can use to help your experience or to follow an interest that you want to learn more about. There’s so many opportunities around you, but if there aren’t, just make it! It’s really not that difficult." Read More ...


- Hannah Reynolds '17

Study Abroad Photo"It doesn't matter what your goal in life is, studying in a completely unfamiliar environment will challenge you in so many ways. One caution though: your worldview will probably change and become much more all-encompassing. You might even start caring about international politics and global warming, if you didn't before. But you'll be all the better for it."

- Heidi Rotroff '16

Study Abroad Photo"I studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan where I took courses in International Marketing & Intercultural Communication. It was a life-changing experience for me taking me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to take risks. Now all I want to do is travel!"

- Kayla Villegas '16


Study Abroad PhotoManagement Concentration Major Ashley Brake studied abroad in Perugia, Italy. She took general education requirements and was there for 6 weeks.



Study Abroad Photo

"The Bond experience was unforgettable. I enjoyed traveling, the beautiful scenery and the challenges that my courses brought me everyday. During the fall semester of 2015 I studied Business Management at Bond University in the Gold Coast, Australia. The classes that I partook in were Concepts of Strategy, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurial Growth, and Business Statistics. The Bond experience has helped me to narrow my studies to International Business and Human Resources."

- Sarah Keegan '17

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