Chosen Name Change Policy

Wittenberg University recognizes that many members of our community prefer to use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves. The University is committed to using the chosen first names of individuals in our community wherever possible. 

The University allows students to use a first name different than their legal name on certain University records. Any student may choose to identify a chosen first name in addition to their legal name (as listed on the driver’s license, Social Security card, Tax Identification Number card, or passport). The University will display the chosen first name to the University community where feasible and appropriate and make a good faith effort to update reports, documents and systems accordingly. 

The student’s chosen first name may be used in University-related systems and documents except where the use of the legal name is required by law. 

Chosen first name may not be used for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation. Misuse of chosen first name may result in disciplinary action. The university reserves the right to deny a chosen first name change if the request is inappropriate in nature. The university also reserves the right to rescind this service at any time.

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