Submitting Proposals and Reports

The Faculty Development Board invites applications for the grants listed below.

Fall and Spring proposals are due by 5 p.m. on the dates below. Travel funds will be awarded with the understanding that faculty must abide by any Wittenberg rules in effect regarding travel restrictions. FDB considers registration for online conferences to be an allowed expense for PEGs.

Summary of Fall & Spring 2023-2024 Academic Year Application Deadlines

**Please refer to the Faculty Manual for proposal requirements**

Oct 6 (Fall)
Feb 9 (Spring)
Professional Enrichment (PEG)Up to $1,200
(as funding permits)
-Travel starting after July 1, 2023=Fall
-Travel ending before June 30, 2024=Spring
Those planning PEG activities in the Spring are encouraged to submit an application this Fall to help with budget planning. Faculty members are able to submit confirmation documents later (see the instructions below).
Oct 13 (Fall)
Mar 15 (Spring)
FRF Project$1,500 
Oct 13 (Fall)
Mar 15 (Spring)
Course Revision$200-Fall = for spring 2024 courses
-Spring = for summer & fall 2024 courses
-no more than $1,000 per fiscal year in course grants can be received by a faculty member
Oct 13 (Fall)
Mar 15 (Spring)
New Course$500Fall= for spring 2024 courses
Spring= for summer & fall 2024 courses
-no more than $1,000 per fiscal year in course grants can be received by a faculty member

Nov 10

Extended to Dec. 1

Collegium & Provost’s Teaching Award Nominations Nominations (including self-nominations) should speak to the strength of the nominee’s teaching. Please read details in the faculty manual.
Feb 9 (Spring Only)Faculty Growth Project$3,000One award annually. For expenditures occurring July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025.
Feb 9 (Spring Only)FRF Research$3,000No more than 3 awards annually.
Mar 24 (Spring Only)Matthies Award$1,000One awarded annually.
Mar 25 (Spring)Supporting materials for Collegium & Provost’s Teaching Awards  
Mar 29 (Spring Only)Faculty Aide 

For academic year 2024-2025

*if a faculty aide is needed for 2023-24, can submit an application on a rolling basis for approval

For a full description of grants and general deadlines, see the Faculty Development Website.

Submitting Proposals and Reports

For all grants except PEG and Faculty Aide proposals, the bulk of the proposal will be a file you attach to your Microsoft form submission. The file should provide the information as described on the Faculty Development Website.

For PEG proposals, complete the Microsoft form in Experience (under Faculty Development Board) and attach documents confirming acceptance to a conference or workshop. (If you do not receive confirmation prior to the deadline, file your proposal without it. When you receive confirmation, email documentation of your acceptance to the chair of Faculty Development Board.)

  1. Log into Experience (link found under Emails & Portals in the Main Menu from the Wittenberg homepage) using your Wittenberg username and password.
  2. Under the “Faculty Development Board” card, find the desired proposal type and click “Start a new form.” Note: Faculty Aide and PEG proposals have separate forms. For all other types, select the generic “Start a new form” under “Proposals and Forms.”
  3. After selecting “Start a new form”, you will be prompted to enter your Wittenberg username and password to access the Microsoft form
  4. Fill in the form.  (Information can be copied and pasted into the fields.)
  5. Once a proposal is submitted, it cannot be edited.

If you have any questions about FDB grants, please contact Billy Davis (, FDB Chair. For technical issues with grant submission, please contact Elizabeth Howe (

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