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Academic advising is a critical task at Wittenberg, as research shows that a one-to-one relationship between a student and a faculty member is a significant factor in academic progress and retention. Quality advising requires that the faculty member be available and approachable; be knowledgeable of the institution, its resources and rules beyond their department; and be interested in and capable of helping students understand the existing educational opportunities to achieve their academic goals. To help faculty members with their advising responsibilities, we have an advising web site.

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Writing: At Wittenberg, each student should achieve a level of competency in writing that provides the necessary foundation for subsequent college work and further learning and should also strengthen writing with continued practice. To that end, students take at least six writing-intensive courses, and they often have writing in other classes, as well. To help support student writers, there is an online resources page; and to help faculty, there is an online resource page that has links to articles, book, rubrics, grading contracts, and more.

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