Teacher Evaluation Methods

Peer Observation Formative Evaluation Forms and Guidelines

Student Evaluations of Teaching

In 2016, Wittenberg University began using a new instrument for student evaluations of teaching - the Student Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ). The SEEQ allows students to address nine dimensions of teaching including:

  • Learning
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organization
  • Group Interactions
  • Individual rapport
  • Breadth
  • Examinations
  • Assignments
  • Overall learning

If you would like more information about the SEEQ form, you can consult the materials from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee's Workshop. If you would like to upload your own course specific questions to the student evaluations, instructions can be downloaded here.

Relevant literature on the SEEQ and student evaluations of literature include:

Syllabus development and learning outcomes

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