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First Year FAQs

Personal Information:

How do I find my student ID number?

  • You student ID number is listed on your ID card. If you don't have access to your card, go to the MyWitt portal and under the Campus box select "ID Card" to view a temporary version that shows your information.

Where is my campus mailbox and combination?

  • Your mailbox number and combination is located on your MyWitt portal under the Address and Mailings tab. Even commuter students have a campus mailbox!
  • You will have the same mailbox until you graduate from Wittenberg. Mailboxes are located on the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center, and you'll receive your box number and combination on your housing assignment letter.

PLEASE NOTE: Your mailing address will differ depending on the method that mail and packages are sent.

Your name
Wittenberg University-Campus Box ______
P.O. Box 6100
Springfield, OH 45501-6100

Your name
Wittenberg University-Campus Box ______
734 Woodlawn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45504

How do I update my contact information?

  • Update your personal information through the MyWitt portal by clicking on the MyAdmin tab then Personal Information and clicking through each portion of the biographical update. You will need to update or verify the correctness of this information each semester.


When are the breaks? What are the deadlines to change class schedules and exams?

  • Consult the Academic Calendar for more information on these and other specific dates throughout the academic year.

How much homework will I have?

  • Generally, you can expect 2-3 hours of homework per one hour of class time; however this varies greatly depending on the classes you take and your study habits.

What books will I need? Where can I get them? 

  • A full supply list for your classes can be accessed through each student's MyWitt portal. Books and school supplies are carried by Wittenberg's bookstore, which can be found online and inside the Benham-Pence Student Center.

What tutoring services are available?

  • We have a wide variety of support services to assist students in achieving their goals. The Writing Center, Math Workshop, Language Learning Center, and Oral Communication Center offer specific spaces; and students can request tutors for other subject areas on the COMPASS: Sweet Success Center webpage. Students can also work with staff members in COMPASS for support with time management and general study skills. Students in need of accommodations should visit the Office of Accessibility Services webpage.

What should I do if I need accommodations because of a disability?

  • Students who would like to request accommodations for a documented disability should contact the Office of Accessibility Services.
  • Students must complete a confidential registration process with Accessibility Services. You will need to complete the Request for Accessibility Services form, and provide medical documentation on letterhead from a health care provider or mental health professional. 
  • Please submit all documentation to the Accessibility Services Office before the start of the semester. However, documentation can be turned in at any time in the summer or during the semester. The documentation should not be more than three years old and the assessment/diagnosis must be made by a licensed health care provider or mental health professional. 
  • The documentation that a student provides remains in the Accessibility Services Office. Information is released only by consent from the student on a "need to know" basis.  At no time will a student’s disability file be permitted to leave the Office of Accessibility Services.  

What majors and minors are offered? What are the requirements for majors and minors? What are General Education requirements?

  • For information on any of Wittenberg's Majors, Minors, and Gen Education requirements, refer to the most up-to-date Academic Catalog.

Who will my advisor be? Will I have more than one advisor? What will my advisor's role be?

  • Advising is a key part of Wittenberg's commitment to help students build their ideal college experience. Each Fall-starting first-year student will begin their time at Wittenberg in a First Year Serminar (FYS) course with an advising team consisting of: a faculty advisor, a professional staff member, and a peer mentor.
  • When students declare a major or minor, they choose a faculty advisor within their major who replaces their initial advisor. (Double Majors will have advisors within both majors, but will choose one to be their primary advisor.)
  • For more information on Wittenberg's commitment to advising, visit the Office of the Provost's web page or the COMPASS: Student Success site for more information.

What does my "placement score" mean? Can I raise it?

  • Placement scores are used to determine eligibility for certain courses, particularly Math and Foreign Language courses. For a more detailed explanation of your Math Placement score and how to raise it, check the Math Placement web page.

Did my AP or IB scores allow me to test out of any courses? Which ones? How can I make sure I get credit for these classes?

  • For more information about AP and IB score evaluation, check the "Advanced Placement Evaluation" Document, listed under "Resources" on the Office of the Registrar home page.

For Families: How can I know if my child needs help? Can I check my child's grades? 

  • If your student needs assistance, you can fill out a CARE Report so that a staff member can reach out and provide support. You can also refer your student to COMPASS as a first stop to figure out what type of assistance they need. In order to view your student’s semester grades, your student would need to provide permission through their MyWitt portal. Without permission, grade information is protected by FERPA. This is a great conversation to have with your student this summer!

Welcome Week:

What’s the schedule for Welcome Week?

What should we pack? Will we have help moving in?

How do I get to campus and where do I park when I’m moving in?

  • When you arrive to campus, there will be directional signage for each residence hall.
  • You will probably be one of many vehicles lined up to check in and the staff helping will check you in and unload vehicles ahead of you as quickly as possible. You will pull up close to a door outside your residence hall, unload your vehicle, and then Wittenberg Police officers will direct you to parking. There is ample parking around campus and a good place to park is always the Benham-Pence Student Center or the Krieg Hall across the road. Both are at the cross-section of Fountain and Ward Avenues.

When can I show up to move in? Do I have to arrive at a certain time?

  • New students move in on Thursday, August 15 from 8:00-11:00am. If you are participating in a Wittscursion or are a fall athlete that needs to arrive early for pre-season, you will move in earlier (check with your coach).
  • On August 15, you should expect to arrive before 10:00am at the latest so you have time to move your belongings into your room and start to unpack. You may have to wait in a line to check in, but the staff helping with move in will move quickly to get you checked in and your belongings moved into your room.
  • After 11:00am, you can still check in, but our student, faculty and staff helpers will have other obligations and will not be able to help you move into your room. 

Where can my family stay the night before move in?

Do I really have to attend all the “required” programs during Welcome Week?

  • Yes! Most of the programs during Welcome Week are not required, but those that are mandatory are for good reason. Your first opportunity to be part of the Wittenberg community is during Welcome Week and we want you to know everything you need to know to be a contributing part of our community from day one.  

I’m a commuter, do I have to attend?

  • Yes, commuters are expected to attend all programs marked as mandatory on the Welcome Week schedule. Commuter students have a mandatory meeting on Thursday, August 15 from 9:30am-11:30am during move in and subsequent meeting times while residents have in-hall meetings.

I’m a fall athlete and my teammates told me I don’t have to attend Welcome Week.

  • While fall athletes have additional obligations since they are in pre-season, all programs marked as mandatory are required for athletes (except Move In day, if the athlete moved in prior to August 15).  

What’s the Service Plunge?

  • One of Wittenberg’s values is an engaged and active community and this includes engagement in the local Springfield community. The annual Welcome Week service plunge brings together new and continuing students, faculty and staff in service to Springfield. Service experiences will include a variety of outdoor and behind the scenes tasks that help local non-profit organizations. The New Student Service Plunge is a time to have fun, meet new people, work hard, and serve your new community. Participants are strongly encouraged to sign up before you arrive on campus.

Is the Bookstore open during Welcome Week?

  • Yes, the Bookstore is open to help you secure your fall books as well as purchase official Wittenberg gear. Hours are posted online.

May I have items shipped to Wittenberg before I arrive on campus?

  • Yes!  Anything shipped to you before your arrival on campus will be held for you at the Student Mail Room in the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center. Please pick up your package(s) at your earliest convenience once you arrive.

Should parents/families participate in Welcome Week?

  • Families are encouraged to participate in activities throughout move-in day to become better acquainted with Wittenberg. An Opening Ceremony will take place in the HPER Center Arena on move-in day, and all families are invited to attend. 
  • For information on Welcome Week, including a schedule of activities, move-in information, and important times, check the Welcome Week web page. 

Holistic Student Support

What kinds of campus ministries and worship services are available? How does Wittenberg accommodate students of other religions? 

  • For information on Campus Ministry, including a schedule of services held at Weaver Chapel, as well as a list of other local houses of worship, check the Campus Ministry homepage.

I'm a commuter or transfer student, how do I connect to campus?

I'm an international student, how will I adjust to life in Springfield?

As a student with an LGBTQ identity, what resources are available for me to feel supported on campus?

  • Wittenberg University recognizes that many members of our community prefer to use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves and has a preferred name change process available. 
  • Gender inclusive housing is a residential space in which roommates of any combination of biological sexes, gender identities, or gender expressions choose to live together. Wittenberg University offers this option in recognition that there are some students for whom traditional, same-sex room assignments are not ideal or appropriate. 
  • The Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance is a student organization with a mission to provide a safe place of acceptance and community for students of gender and sexual minorities and their allies. 
  • Be sure to check out the McClain Center for Diversity and the campus programming provided by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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