Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance

Our organization's mission is to provide a safe place of acceptance and community for students of gender and sexual minorities and their allies. We strive to represent all letters of the LGBTQ+ alphabet and educate campus about the issues and topics faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Our Safe Zone subcommittee of both teachers and students focuses on providing a support network for struggling LGBTQ+ students. We can be found in the Diversity House along with CBS and AIA.

Our organization has started to stabilize and rebuild after some rough times. Two years ago, our organization took a hiatus while searching for new leadership. During the 2014-2015 school year, we got our organization back on its feet! In this past year, we decided to change our name as well. We turned GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) into GSDA (Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance) so we could create a more inclusive environment. By doing this, we hope to help all LGBTQ+ people, including those that transcend the gender binary and traditional sexual orientations (i.e. asexual, pansexual) as well as other communities like intersex. We also wish to emphasize the importance of intersecting LGBTQ+ identities and race, class and disability.


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