Special Interest Awards

All special interest awards have an annual value of $2,000 and are renewable for up to four years. The total renewable value of the special interest scholarships is $8,000. All special interest awards are competitive, and require you to submit application materials. All applications and supporting materials must be submitted by the Priority Deadline of December 1, with a final deadline of February 1.

Business & Economics

This competitive award recognizes students who are committed to developing themselves as leaders in Business or Economic careers. Recipients will participate in robust professional programming and gain a deep appreciation of the relationship between the economy and society. The program positions participants to solve problems both within and outside of the for-profit world.

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This award recognizes students who demonstrate an interest in studying chemistry.

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Civic Engagement

This award will develop a student’s capacity to work with others for the betterment of the civic life of a community. Through engagement, reflection and trainings, the scholarship will strengthen a student’s disposition to be knowledgeable and appreciative of the community and to act upon this sense of responsibility to contribute to community.  Scholars will develop supportive and meaningful networks and the skills to thrive during and after college.

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This award recognized students who are interested in the study and practice of entrepreneurship, regardless of major or minor.

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Environmental Science

This award recognizes students who are passionate about the environment. A major or minor in environmental science is required.

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This competitive award recognizes students who have had superior leadership experience and are interested in applying and furthering their leadership skills in college.

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William A. McClain Award for Multicultural Leadership

This award recognizes exceptional and talented students who have been traditionally underrepresented or marginalized on college campuses, and who are culturally, ethnically and racially diverse. For consideration, students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0.

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  • Students must be admitted to Wittenberg University prior to the Special Interest Award deadline.
  • Special Interest Awards and Fine Arts Scholarships require separate applications.
  • In addition to a Wittenberg Merit Scholarship, students may receive either one Special Interest Award or one Fine Arts Scholarship.
  • All scholarships and awards are renewable for up to four years (or eight semesters) providing the student remains in good academic standing and meets any specified award-specific renewal criteria.
  • Student financial aid awards will be held until all special interest and fine arts scholarship decisions are released.
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