Lifelong Learning

From taking a summer class to pursuing a lifelong interest, Wittenberg has always believed that a love of learning should last a lifetime.

Wittenberg has always believed that a love of learning should last a lifetime and opportunities for lifelong learning should be available to all. Whether it is attending a free sponsored lecture or performance, taking the astronomy or photography class your inner child once craved, or adding an entirely new degree to your portfolio, Wittenberg can help make it happen.

Since its founding in 1845, Wittenberg has insisted on providing an education that develops an individual's capacity to think, read, and communicate with precision, understanding, and imagination. We are a university that embraces the life of the mind, emphasizing the discovery of new knowledge as well as the learning of received wisdom. In short, we are a community of learners committed to fostering an enduring passion for learning in the lives of students of all ages.

Start exploring the options available at Wittenberg. Be inspired. Create. Discover, and embrace learning for a lifetime.

Lifelong Learner Registration Form

Lifelong Learning Rate

Students over 60 years of age who wish to continue their education and personal learning may audit (take not-for-credit) any “regular” credit-bearing course for a flat rate of $160 per semester (on a space available basis).

Note: This benefit does not extend to such special forms as Applied Music, independent study, summer field studies, or graduate courses. For non-credit-bearing courses or CMD music lessons, students must pay the published fees. Students cannot combine the Lifelong Learning Rate with other forms of financial aid issued by Wittenberg University.

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