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For decades, Wittenberg-prepared teachers have set the standard for leading in classrooms across the country and around the world, making the university's M.A. in Education a first-choice degree.

Affordable and highly flexible with classes only meeting one evening a week.

Wittenberg's program believes that teachers learn best with fellow teachers, which is why the cohort approach employed in the graduate program is so popular. Our students are able to earn a degree with focus in their area of interest. Wittenberg's M.A. in Education program offers areas of focus in:

  • Leadership focus and/or principal licensure
  • Literacy focus and/or OH Reading Endorsement
  • Teaching, Learning, and Schools focus
  • Math/Science focus

Why Wittenberg?

"I knew that continuing my education through Wittenberg was not only the right choice, it was the only choice in my mind. I loved that it was not online. There is a lot of value in attending class and getting together with other professionals in your field. This is a program for people who want to learn, want to be challenged, and want to become better teachers. The faculty only enhanced my experience, they are 100% supportive and always there!" 

"Wittenberg was highly recommended to me by my colleagues because of their willingness to accommodate working adults. It was nice to know that the class times and days would be the same throughout the whole program. My education at Wittenberg has made me a more well-rounded teacher and I strive to use my education to provide the best for my students."

Currently Taking Applications For:

  • Leadership Program and/or OH Principal License 
  • Literacy Focus and/or OH Reading Endorsement

Admission Deadlines:
Summer 2018 Admission: April 27, 2018
Fall 2018 Admission: August 3, 2018
Spring 2019 Admission: December 7, 2018

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Registration in master's courses for non-degree students (teachers), click here.





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