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The 36-credit Master of Arts in Education program is delivered in a cohort delivery format. This means you will join a group of colleagues who will progress through the program together, forming a supportive educational community. Cohorts begin each fall. Completion of the MA degree can be expected in six semesters (two years attending year-round).  Students take two courses in each semester – fall, spring and summer. We offer options in the delivery of our classes. Some classes are 100% online. Others are hybrid, where less than 50% is online. All of our classes offer the opportunity to participate via web conference and are recorded for later review as needed. Wittenberg students can make personal connections in the classroom and benefit from the flexibility of our online options.

Admissions Representatives can assist you in registering for these courses. For assistance, contact, or call 937-327-6372.

Master of Arts in Education degree only = 36 credits

Master of Arts in Education degree + Principal Licensure = 42 credits

*All courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted*

Core courses

  • EDUC 550: Professional and Ethical Issues in Education
  • EDUC 560: The Sociology of Educational Change and School Renewal
  • EDUC 570: Approaches to Working with Diverse Communities

Research courses

  • EDUC 590: Reading and Synthesizing Teacher Research
  • EDUC 595: Planning and Implementing Teacher Research
  • EDUC 600: Directed Research

Leadership Focus courses

  • EDUC 512: Leadership for Student Learning and Development
  • EDUC 526: Supervision and Instructional Leadership
  • EDUC 528: School Finance and Human Resources
  • EDUC 532: School Law
  • EDUC 537: Community Relations
  • EDUC 581: School Leader Internship I

Additional courses required for principal licensure

  • EDUC 539: The Principalship
  • EDUC 582: School Leader Internship II

Master of Arts in Education Graduate Handbook

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