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Master of Arts in Education Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Graduate Studies in Education

KNOWLEDGE - Respond with understanding to the depth & complexity of human experience; develop a sense of vocation

  • Explain current developments in their teaching fields.
  • Articulate ways schools and teachers have responded to the challenges and opportunities of diverse social environments.
  • Frame curriculum in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Describe models of school change in reference to the need for teacher leadership
  • Describe educational missions in personal and institutional terms.

SKILLS - Recognize, define, and solve problems

  • Respond flexibly and coherently to classroom problems
  • Assess the effectiveness of instruction and interpret student response and work.
  • Access and apply best practice techniques in the classroom.
  • Form collaborative networks for problem solving in and beyond the classroom.
  • Develop and carry out research projects, which directly affect student learning.

DISPOSITIONS - Take moral responsibility; assume leadership

  • Respond positively to the opportunities, challenges, and issues of diverse environments.
  • Value opportunities to supplement personal knowledge through new and imaginative research.
  • Form, articulate, and defend personal and collective senses of mission.
  • Form supportive learning communities in their buildings and classrooms.
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