Master of Arts in Education Program Outcomes

Graduate Program Outcomes

  1. Identify and explain current developments in their fields and offer potential opportunities for improvement.
  2. Candidates demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to lead complex organizations.
  3. Develop and implement professional activities that will further the goals of the institution. (i.e. professional development, staff meetings, etc.)
  4. Identify and analyze research and develop action plans to implement findings in order to contribute new ideas and perspectives to the organization.
  5. Form collaborative networks for problem solving  
  6. Recognize, support, and advocate for diverse voices engaging in organizational decisions.
  7. Ensure equitable treatment and inclusion is a priority and maintained as an ongoing practice within the institution.
  8. Effectively support and utilize the use of technology within the field.
  9. Demonstrate professional ethics that recognize, address and challenge social problems that negatively impact success of the organization.
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