International Student Admission

Wittenberg hosts new international students each year. The students come either for one year or for a 4-year degree.

Wittenberg is a liberal arts and sciences university located in Springfield, Ohio, that is recognized as one of the top 384 national liberal arts colleges in the United States. With a student body of approximately 1,300, Wittenberg is the right size for offering valuable academic and co-curricular options with better teaching and personal attention. Wittenberg's intimate community offers its students a great opportunity to live in a diverse academic environment that facilitates growth and success.

Applying to Wittenberg

  • We look forward to working with you to make Wittenberg the next stop on your academic journey. Follow the link below to complete an application for admission into Wittenberg University. Apply Now
  • Fall Entrance:
    • June 1: Admission Application Deadline
    • July 1: Deposit Deadline
  • Spring Entrance:
    • October 15: Admission Application Deadline
    • November 15: Deposit Deadline

Financial Information

  • A diverse international presence is important to Wittenberg's mission, and the university is committed to assisting highly qualified international students in financing their education. Read More

About Wittenberg

  • Wittenberg has more than 80 majors, minors and special programs from which students may choose to focus their studies. We encourage students to be independent thinkers and self-motivated learners. Read More

Deposited International Students

  • Coming to the United States means stepping into a new culture. You can expect that there will be a period of adjustment in making the transition from your culture to this one. Read More

Questions about enrolling at Wittenberg as an international student?

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