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Outside Scholarship FAQ

Federal, state and institutional regulations require that we collect information from each student regarding any "outside" scholarships received. Examples of these would include scholarships received from prepaid tuition plans, a parent's employer, your high school, civic organizations, Rotary Clubs, churches or community foundations.

How do I tell you about my scholarships?

To comply with these regulations, click on the "Outside Scholarship Notification" button below and make sure you list the name, sponsor and amount of each scholarship you receive. We ask that you return this completed form to us by July 1, so that we may make any necessary adjustments to your award package. If you receive any scholarships after you send us this form, forward information about them to the Office of Financial Aid when you receive notice of your selection.

How will my scholarship affect my current aid package?

If we are required to make an adjustment, we will first use the scholarships you receive to reduce the "self-help" portion of your aid package. (Self-help is the student loan and work program part of your award.) If a change is made, you will receive a revised Financial Aid & Scholarship Notification reflecting your new levels of eligibility.

Will the scholarship be automatically credited to my account?

Some donors require the university to complete special forms, provide verification of enrollment or grade transcripts, or to invoice the sponsoring agency. Please be sure to forward any special instructions or needs to our office so we may comply with the sponsor's wishes. No credit will appear on your account until the funds are received by Wittenberg.

Where should my scholarship check be sent?

All scholarship checks should be forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid for processing. The address is Wittenberg University, P.O. Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501. If the check is issued to the student and Wittenberg jointly, be sure to endorse the back of the check before sending it to our office. If you have any questions about your outside scholarship, you can contact the Office of Financial Aid Coordinator at financial-aid@wittenberg.edu or 937-327-6369.

Where should I search for outside scholarship opportunities?

Finding money for college can seem to be a daunting task, but knowing where to begin is often the most difficult part. Be sure to cast a wide net, keeping in mind local opportunities as well as state and national contests and programs. Remember, scholarships are as unique as the students to whom they are awarded, so go for as many exclusive, local, and specialized opportunities as you can. Opportunities with broad, inclusive eligibility requirements will attract many applicants and may lower your chances of receiving a scholarship, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still apply - many students will apply for them, but someone has to win them!

Where to look locally:

  • High School Counselor
  • Community Foundations
  • Local Clubs and Organizations
  • Churches
  • Employer/Parent's Employer

Where to look online:

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