Common Questions About Student Expenses

Q. How and when do I get a bill?

A. Live Statements are available to students at any time via the Self Service under the “Student Finance” tab. For assistance accessing Self Service statements, Click Here. (Wittenberg does not mail paper statements). The FALL semester statement is typically finalized the first week of July and the SPRING semester statement is typically finalized the first week of December.

It is important to finalize payment arrangements before classes begin. After classes commence, students become extremely busy with studies and educational activities leaving very little time to deal with financial matters. Not adhering to the statement due dates can result in late payment penalty fees and/or cancellation of enrollment.

Q. What if I can’t see my Self Service statement?

A. If you don't see a statement in the Student Finance Self Service portal and you believe you should: Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 937-327-6146 or send an email to

Q. What if I don't receive a bill?

A. If you don't receive a bill and you believe you should have: Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 937-327-6146, view your bill online via the Experience Portal, or send an email to

Q. What if I believe my bill is incorrect?

A. If you don't see a statement in the Student Finance Self Service portal and you believe you should: Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 937-327-6146 or send an email to

Q. What if I have a credit balance?

A. Refund requests for credit balances are processed every Monday after the 1st week of a term. Requests for refunds must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts by 4:00 p.m. on Friday in order for the refund to be processed the following Monday. Refunds will be electronically disbursed to the refund preference you have selected on your Wittenberg OneCard. Requesting a refund is quick and easy - click here to submit your refund request

Q. How do I find information about my Wittenberg OneCard?

A. Click here for more information about the Wittenberg OneCard and BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.

Q. May I subtract the Federal Work Study from my Balance Due?

A. Because these funds are only earned as you work the hours, your student employment award cannot be subtracted from your bill at the beginning of the semester. You can choose to either receive your payroll directly via your Wittenberg OneCard, or sign over all or a portion of your earnings to be paid toward your tuition bill for subsequent semesters. Learn more about Student Employment at Wittenberg.

Q. What is billed on my Student Account?

A. Your initial Wittenberg bill can include charges for Tuition, Room, Board, Student Activity Fee, and Technology Fee. You can view a list of basic expenses here. Up-to-date statements can be viewed on the Student Finance Self Service portal and can reflect miscellaneous charges from a number of different offices.

Q. What are Wittenberg's payment options for my Tuition Expenses?

A. Wittenberg realizes the growing concern to provide a high quality education, while still meeting other personal budget demands. In response, we have taken a leadership role in providing affordable alternatives to help families meet this increasing challenge. Wittenberg is pleased to offer a number of payment options to aid in covering your college expenses.

Q. Do you accept payment of tuition by credit card?

A. In addition to accepting electronic payment directly from a checking or savings account, Wittenberg also offers a credit card payment option to our students/families (additional processing fees are applicable). Click here to make a credit card payment.

Q. How does Nelnet work?

A. Nelnet is one of our most popular methods of payment! Nelnet allows you to spread your semester cost over a span of 5 months (interest-free). There is a nominal enrollment fee of $65 per semester. You can establish your payment plan budget through your Self Service portal. To learn more about signing up for a Nelnet payment plan or making a one-time payment, click HERE. You may also contact Nelnet by calling 1-800-609-8056.

Q. When does Wittenberg receive my payment from Nelnet?

A. Nelnet submits live payments to Wittenberg and payments are posted to students’ accounts in real time.

Q. Why did my son/daughter get a discipline fine?

A. The student receives written notification of the discipline fine and why they are being charged. The student then has approximately 15 days to pay the fine or it is placed onto their Student Account. The Office of Student Accounts only processes the charge and is not aware of the reason for it. If you have further questions regarding the fine, you may call the Office of Student Development at 937-327-7800.

Q. Can I cash a personal check on campus?

A. Students can cash personal checks, with proper identification, at the Office of Student Accounts, located on the first floor of Recitation Hall. There is a $50.00 per check, per student, per day limit.

Q. What is the charge for a returned check (NSF, Closed Acct, etc.)?

A. All returned checks will be resubmitted to the bank for processing if the check has not been stamped by the bank- "DO NOT DEPOSIT AGAIN". If the check still fails to clear, a $25 fee is assessed to the student's account and a Financial Hold is placed on the account which blocks academic schedule changes and future registration until restitution of funds is made. After two (2) NSF checks, the student/parent will be required to make subsequent payments with cash, cashier's check, or money order. Also, check-cashing privileges will be revoked for that student for the remainder of the academic year.

Q. Why do I have a Financial Hold (FC) on my account?

A. You have an outstanding balance on your account caused by either lack of payment or incomplete financial aid paperwork. Drop the Office of Student Accounts a line and we will be glad to help answer any questions you may have related to your educational expenses.

Q. How do I change my address?

A. The student's address is maintained by the Office of the Registrar. To update your permanent or local address, you may go to Experience and change your address under Biographical Information Update.

Q. How is my Enrollment Deposit applied to my account?

A. The Enrollment Deposit will be applied to your student account toward your first semester bill.

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