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Withdrawal Policy

Traditional Student-Withdrawal

Students are not officially withdrawn from the University until completion of an exit interview with the Office of Student Development.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition charges for traditional undergraduate students are refunded according to the following schedule. The refund calculation will be based upon the date in which the student submits appropriate withdrawal paperwork:

One week or less: 90% refund
Two weeks or less: 80% refund
Three weeks or less: 60% refund
Four weeks or less: 40% refund
Five weeks or less: 20% refund
More than five weeks: no refund

Room and Board Refunds

Students who withdraw from the University within the semester must move out of university housing within 48 hours following the exit interview. If leaving at the end of the semester, the normal closing schedule is followed. Exceptions must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life. Before leaving campus, students must check out of their room or rental property with the appropriate staff member (AC or RA and/or someone in the Student Development Office). Upon checking out, students must turn in the appropriate paperwork along with the key.

For students withdrawing on a voluntary basis, housing and board refunds are granted on a pro-rated basis through the 5th week and are based on the date of the exit interview and proper check out. After the 5th week, no refund is granted.

Financial Aid

Students who withdraw prior to the first day of classes have all of their financial aid returned to the program administrators.

Students who withdraw during the first five weeks of the semester have part of their financial aid returned to the appropriate agencies:

  • Wittenberg and State financial aid is returned at the same percentage rate as tuition is refunded; for example, if a student receives a 20% refund of tuition, 20% of institutional aid will be returned to the institutional funds and 20% of state aid will be returned to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
  • Federal financial aid, including parent and student loans, is earned on a per diem basis. For example, if there are 100 days in a semester, each day attended allows the student to keep 1% of the federal aid total for that semester. A student who stayed 30 days would be able to keep 30% (30 days/100 days) of his or her federal aid and 70% (the remainder) would be returned to the federal program administrators.
  • Federal financial aid that is to be returned is credited first towards student loans, then towards parent loans, and finally towards grant programs. For example, if a student receives $1000 in loans and $500 in grants and we are required to return $900, the full $900 is credited towards the loan - i.e. the student would withdraw with a $100 loan and a $500 grant.

For students who withdraw after the first five weeks of the semester but before 60% of the semester is over, no Wittenberg or State financial aid is returned.

  • Federal financial aid is still returned on a per diem basis - see above.
  • It is possible for a student to withdraw and owe more money to the University than if they were to finish the semester.

For students who withdraw after 60% of the semester is over, no Wittenberg, State, or federal financial aid is returned upon withdrawal.

A calculation of the amount of financial aid to be returned will be done within 30 days of notification that the student has withdrawn. The official withdrawal date will be determined by the Office of Student Development and communicated to all University departments involved. If the amount of remaining federal aid eligibility exceeds the balance due to the University, the excess may be refunded to the student or to any remaining loan programs, at the student's discretion.

Students must usually begin paying back student loans six months after the official withdrawal date. Students who re-enroll on at least a half-time basis during the six months do not enter repayment. Should you have any questions about the financial aid adjustments, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services prior to withdrawing.

Enrollment Deposit Refund Policy

All graduating students receive a refund of their enrollment deposit after completion of their final semester. It will be disbursed electronically via the refund preference selected on the Wittenberg OneCard.

Withdrawal - University Grading Policy

Withdrawing from the university has implications related to student grades received. The notification date of withdraw is used to determine grades received for the courses in which the student is enrolled. 1-5 weeks= without grade or credit, 6-10 weeks= (withdrawn); 11-15 weeks= F (or NC if this option was elected). Students who have extenuating circumstances that they feel may warrant a waiver of the grading policy may submit a written petition to the Registrar within two weeks of the date of notification of withdrawal. Circumstances that may warrant such a waiver are circumstances beyond the control of the student (such as medical issues or death of a close family member that interfered with the student's ability to withdraw during the scheduled withdrawal period).

Written appeals must:

  • be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than two weeks from the date of notification of withdrawal (as confirmed by the Withdrawal from the University Form);
  • outline specific extenuating circumstances or factors that caused the student to be unable to withdrawal during the withdrawal period;
  • include supporting documentation to verify the extenuating circumstances (i.e., support letter from physician documenting the nature, severity and dates of illness, copy of obituary or other relevant documentation that can confirm the situation.)
  • be no longer than 2 pages in length (not including attachment of supporting documentation);
  • be sent in writing to: The Office of the Registrar, Wittenberg University, PO Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501-0720.
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