Paying Your Bill

It’s nice to have choices when it comes to paying for college tuition. At Wittenberg, we have a number of alternative ways students and parents may make payments. In addition to financial aid, Wittenberg is pleased to offer the following payment options for college expenses.

General Tuition & Fee Billing

  • FALL semester statements are available in Self Service beginning June 17th with a due date of August 9th when paying in full.
  • SPRING semester statements are available in Self Service beginning December 1st with a due date of January 3rd when paying in full.
  • SUMMER semester statements are available in Self Service and are due before the beginning of Summer Classes.
    • Need Help Accessing your Electronic Self Service Statement, view our How to Guide HERE

One-Time Payments

  • Online Payment – payments may be made by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or Discover) or by electronic check by visiting Self Service and selecting “Student Finance.”
    • Online Payments are made through Wittenberg partner Nelnet. Sign into the integrated payment portal above (Self Service).
    • How to Make a Nelnet payment HERE
  • Mail – check payments may be mailed to the Office of Student Accounts, P.O. Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501. Please include your student ID number on the check. Please do NOT mail cash payments (we gladly accept cash payments in person).
  • In Person – make check or cash payments in person by going to the Office of Student Accounts, located on the first floor of Recitation Hall.

Payment Plans

In order to learn more about Wittenberg's payment plans offered through Nelnet, including payment plan options, deadlines, and additional information. Enroll today through Self Service.

Learn More About Payment Plans Through Nelnet

Fall 2024 Payment Plan Dates:

Emroll ByDown Payment# Of PaymentsPayment Months
June 27None6June-November
July 18None5July-November
July 27None5July-November
August 925%4August-November
August 2225%4August-November
September 1150%3September-November
September 2150%3September-November

Education Loans

Sometimes it may be necessary to take out an education loan to cover college expenses. If Federal loan options have already been exhausted and private loans are the next step, please see available options HERE. Students will need a credit-worthy cosigner for private loans, but most private education loans have a cosigner release provision that allows for a cosigner to petition to be removed from the loan after a set number of payments paid on time. Please visit Wittenberg’s loan resource page for more information about education loans.

International Wire Transfers

In an effort to streamline the process for International Wire Transfers, Wittenberg has partnered with Flywire to accommodate our students and families that may need to send tuition payments from another country. Flywire provides a fast, secure, and cost-effective approach to wire transfers. Click HERE to initiate an international wire transfer.

Paying With A 529 College Savings Plan:

If paying all or a portion of educational expenses with a 529 College Savings Plan, please contact the financial institution that manages the college savings fund and request that a check be sent to the Office of Student Accounts, P.O. Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501. In addition, to help aid in processing, please be certain that the Student ID number and name are properly documented on the check. In order to accommodate billing timelines, it is recommended to request disbursement at least 3-4 weeks before the statement due date.

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