Wittenberg's chemistry program offers comprehensive training across the spectrum of the discipline: biochemistry, analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.

Certified by the American Chemical Society for more than 50 years, our program produces graduates known by businesses and graduate schools to have excellent preparation.

To complement this strong technical background, students also hone their written and verbal communication skills by writing lab reports, discussing problem-solving in class, and making formal presentations in the Junior and Senior Seminars. Working with classmates in the lab, students gain teamwork skills that are essential to working in successful organizations. Our lab safety training across the curriculum will prepare you for future lab work in research labs or industry.

Video created and edited by Madeline Geiger '16, with help from Marley Tullis, Stephanie Glass and Evelyn Ritzi.

One of the strengths of our chemistry program is the partnerships you will build with the faculty members. Unlike large, impersonal introductory courses at many colleges and universities, the chemistry classes at Wittenberg have a maximum enrollment of 32, and upper-level courses usually range from five to 10 students. Small classes and labs make certain that you get individualized attention and ensure your success in chemistry.

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