Chemistry Department Anti-Racism Statement

The Wittenberg Chemistry Department is aware of and dismayed by the under-representation of Black, indigenous, and persons of color (BIPOC) within our department, the field of Chemistry, and science more broadly. We endeavor to be more effectively anti-racist by working to better understand how our own unconscious biases contribute to this inequity and how we can contribute to overcoming this injustice. We will:

  1. Continue reflection on our own biases,
  2. Actively confront racism and microaggressions within our sphere of influence,
  3. Post information about support and development opportunities in writing and online,
  4. Financially support BIPOC students through work study, summer research, and Franta Scholarship programs,
  5. Discuss racism in STEM as part of the seminar program,
  6. Invite at least one BIPOC chemist to present their research in our seminar program annually,
  7. Highlight the contributions of BIPOC chemists to our field,
  8. Assess our students’ perception of the racial climate within chemistry classes at Wittenberg annually,
  9. Provide children in predominately BIPOC Springfield communities the opportunity to interact with Chemistry,
  10. Implement hiring and mentorship practices to optimize BIPOC faculty and staff success.

We will review progress on these items annually.

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