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Students are prepared to become agents of environmental change as they undertake scientific inquiry and propose solutions that make a difference.

Society's actions increasingly affect the natural environment, and our participation in understanding, assessing and minimizing the impact of our actions is critical. 

Wittenberg's mission, in part, is to create a participatory citizen who recognizes his or her obligation to the natural environment.

Campus initiatives such as Green Wittenberg, the EcoHouse and the President's Climate Commitment have enabled students, staff and faculty to embrace components of the Wittenberg mission in their personal, professional and civic lives as responsible global citizens.

The environmental science program provides academic opportunities to pursue a professional calling in environmental science. Because environmental issues transcend traditional academic boundaries, students in the environmental science program join faculty from diverse fields and interests to explore environmental concerns in conservation biology, aquatic ecosystems, stream resources, forestry, water resources and wildlife management.

A key feature of our program is research on environmental sustainability.

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