Sustainability at Wittenberg

Named one of America's Top Green Colleges by The Princeton Review, Wittenberg has been "going green" by emphasizing sustainability in its academic programs, co-curricular activities, and opportunities for student research and internships.

Our B.S. in environmental science serves students with interests in water, wildlife management, ecology and conservation. The B.A. in environmental science and the minor in environmental studies support future green business leaders, sustainability communicators, advocates, community change agents and policymakers. Wittenberg also offers more than 30 sustainability courses and multiple campus organizations.

Our Approach: Community-Based Projects and Partnerships

By cultivating relationships and creating partnerships both on campus and with local organizations, we are able to provide our students with unparalleled real-world environmental problem-solving skills and experiences as sustainability advocates. Our faculty are involved at both the local and national levels, serving in leadership and advisory roles for non-profit organizations and professional associations.

Recent News

  • Corsello, Rachel '20 wrote "Community Engagement Concerning Soil Lead Levels," The International Undergraduate Journal For Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change: Vol. 9: Iss. 2, p. 30-38. Learn More...
  • ESCI Newsletter Research Spotlight (March 2020): Kaity Seitz ’20 worked with John Ritter in the Mojave Desert in 2019 to study the relation between resolution of 3D models based on ground-and pole-based versus photography taken using a drone. Learn More...
  • ESCI Newsletter Alumni Spotlight (March 2020): Victoria Simek ‘17 is an Environmental Officer for Camp McCain Training Center (National Guard Post) under the Mississippi Military Department. Learn More...
  • Recent graduates: Anna Siegfried '17 (B.S.) is monitoring birds in Yellowstone National Park; Sage Pence '17 (minor) is working on soil carbon sequestration strategies with Community Solutions in Yellow Springs, Ohio; Jeremy Barkley is working and Eric Roberts '15 (minor) is helping to launch a local food coalition and pursuing a master's degree.
  • Assistant Professor of Biology Amber Burgett has been appointed to the B-W Greenway Board of Trustees (2017).
  • Associate Professor of Geology Sarah Fortner served on the Steering Committee for National Academies - Board on Science Education Workshop on Service Learning in the Undergraduate Geosciences.
  • Associate Professor of Biology Richard Phillips leads Common Sense Coyote, a Citizen Science Project in collaboration with the Clark County Parks District.
  • Professor of Geology John Ritter was recognized as the 2016 recipient of the Wittenberg Alumni Association's Award for Distinguished Teaching. He currently serves on the Subcommittee on Parks and Open Space for the Chamber of Commerce Springfield Moving Forward and recently served as the inaugural director of Wittenberg's newest study-abroad program in Costa Rica.
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