Environmental Science Student Opportunities

Honors in Environmental Science

Honors in environmental science recognizes students who have achieved excellence both in the classroom and in research or engagement that serves environmental science or its application to the community, respectively.  Honors in environmental science is separate from the University Honors Program, although the research component for honors in environmental science may fulfill the research requirement for the University Honors Program. Students are NOT required to be a member of the University Honors Program to complete honors in environmental science.


Your college education is a series of unique challenges and experiences. Some you encounter in the sphere of academics -- in the classroom, in course work, and in individual research. Others you meet by living with roommates and making new friends. Nevertheless, some of the most dynamic experiences you have at Wittenberg occur through your involvement in campus activities.

Participation in student activities allows you to develop valuable skills such as time management, conflict resolution, stress management, and situational leadership. Through your involvement, you have the opportunity to meet a variety of people with a range of interests and backgrounds and yet share a common goal to learn and communicate with each other. But foremost of these is the knowledge that you gain and the satisfaction you feel in being able to make an impact in the student life of our campus.

Activities and organizations that may appeal to students interested in the environment include, but are not limited to, the following:

Kayak Club

Wittenberg's Kayak Club is a new club on campus to support students interested in learning to kayak so that they can take advantage of kayaking opportunities on Buck Creek, just down the hill from campus, including three different sites where lowhead dams were modified to make Class II-III rapids, standing waves, and hydraulics suitable for park-and-play with kayaks.

Membership is open but requires a swim test and training sessions prior to kayak use.

Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club gives students the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor explorations. Members regularly schedule trips to various sites. The group's activities include day and weekend camping, rafting, climbing, skiing, and horseback riding trips. Meetings are held monthly in Ness Auditorium, or as announced.


P.o.W.E.R. stands for Parliament of the Wittenberg Environmental Revolution. PoWER was established to be students' most effective advocate for the environment and to help students protect the environment locally and globally. The mission of PoWER is to enable students to add their voices to a group that is committed to leaving our children a living legacy -- clean air, clean water, and natural grandeur. We strive to protect the environment for a better tomorrow.

PoWER has an open membership.

Wittenberg Speleological Society (Caving Club)

The Wittenberg University Speleological Society (WUSS) is a chartered, internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS). Like the NSS, WUSS dedicates its time to ensure that caves are discovered, explored, and protected. WUSS takes many trips during the year, offering special opportunities for both the novice and the experienced caver. Expose yourself to caving!

Activities include: Exploration, conservation, surveying, and photography within the caves; camping, hiking, and enjoying the company of fellow WUSS members outside the caves. The Caving Club also instructs members in repelling and climbing.

The Caving Club has open membership. No experience is necessary to join; equipment and training are provided.

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