Environmental Science Resources

One of the best means of selecting a career is to find out what people in possible careers of interest are doing. What does their job description include? What skills are necessary? What is the most significant aspect of the Wittenberg relative to their career? Do they travel? Who do they interact with professionally? These sorts of questions can be answered by alumni themselves through the Tiger Career Network or by simply culling the information available on campus, in the Career Center, or in the respective department or program offices, or online.

Campus Resources

  • Posted Permanent and Seasonal Job and Internship Opportunities
  • AmeriCorp's Opportunities (CDP and ESP 1) - listing of 'volunteer' opportunities through AmeriCorp and Vista programs
  • Earthwork (CDP and ESP 2) - monthly publication of Student Conservation Association listing seasonal and permanent jobs
  • Environmental Careers Bulletin (Geology Department and ESP) - listing of permanent job opportunities, mostly technical positions requiring backgrounds in science and engineering
  • Environmental Opportunities (ESP 2) - monthly listing of seasonal and permanent jobs and internships
  • Internships '95 (CDP) - general reference on internship opportunities
  • Job Seeker (ESP 2) - twice monthly listing of job and internship opportunities
  • Student Conservation Association (CDP and individual departments) - seasonal editions listing volunteer opportunities with SCA
  • Job Postings from the Environmental List - Opportunities are posted weekly on the Bulletin Board outside Dr. Lewis' office (Room 213)
  • ACCESS (CDP) - list of non-profit organizations with a significant chapter on environmental positions
  • Tiger Career Network (CDP and individual departments) - listing of alumni by major, many in environmental fields, who are willing to interact and network with students. I suspect these people would be willing to allow you to conduct informational interviews with them.
  • Internship Description Notebook (CDP) - listing of internships previously proposed by Witt students
  • General Reference Materials America's top 100 Internships (CDP) - general reference on internships
  • National Wildlife Federation's Conservation Directory (CDP) - addresses of Federal and State Agencies involved in environmental programs and funding
  • Complete Guide to Environmental Careers, 2nd Edition (CDP and ESP) - good general reference on environmental careers (ESP's copy is in Dr. Ritter's office, Rm 115).

Career Resources on Internet and the World Wide Web

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