Sustainability Internships & Research

All environmental science majors and environmental studies minors are required to complete an independent study, research project or an internship. Faculty and local partners offer many opportunities. Some students choose to complete research or professional internships during the summer or in study-abroad programs. We also give credit to students working in environmental or sustainability-related positions. Most of our majors present at professional conferences, and all present in the campus-wide Celebration of Learning, held annually in April.

Recent Examples (2015-present):

  • Riley Alexander (minor) - ATC Group Services LLC, environmental field technician
  • Michaela Bowler (minor) - K-5 Environmental Education Resource Creation
  • Arek Barkazi (B.S.) - Hagen Center intern, soil health mapping and initiating a data repository for partners
  • Jeremy Barkley (B.S.) - Indicator species monitoring in Buck Creek
  • Alivia Danhoff (B.A.) - Columbus Zoo, intern
  • Courtney Lopez (B.S.) and Tori Simek (B.S.) - Student Conservation Association, interns in Indiana and Alaska
  • Emily Naccarato (B.S.) - Ohio EPA, compliance intern
  • Sage Pence (minor) - Sustainability program opportunities
  • Julia Ross (B.S.) - Research on impacts of Roundup on crayfish
  • Leighane Shaffer (B.S.) - City of Springfield Stormwater Division, intern
  • Zach Hoyer (B.S.) and Zach Smith (B.S.) - National Trail Parks & Recreation District, interns
  • Julia Valentine (B.S.) - Turks & Caicos, marine research
  • Scott Sholar (B.S.) and Kyle Van Dyne (B.S.) - Kirtland Snake Study (Endangered Species)
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