Environmental Science Independent Study

Independent study (ENVS 490 or ESCI 490) is an excellent way to pursue environmental research or study related to topics of personal interest to you or your advisor.  To participate in an independent study, the student must be an Environmental Science Major or Environmental Studies Minor  and must meet requirements described in the Faculty Manual. In order for the experience to be a meaningful "adventure in scholarship," the student must have completed coursework in both their major and minor prior to preparing the independent study proposal.

The student should meet with the potential supervising faculty member with a preliminary proposal to ascertain the appropriateness of the proposal for independent study and to solicit advice for developing the final proposal and bibliography. In addition, the student must meet with the Program Director to discuss the appropriateness of including the independent study in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies. The Independent Study Proposal must include a clear statement of the problem being addressed, methods of study, a tentative schedule of study, a bibliography, and the means by which the study will be evaluated upon completion. The proposal must also address rationale for including the study under the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies course listing as opposed to a similar course listing within the student's major department. This rationale may include a statement addressing both the environmental content and relevance of the independent study. .


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