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Art - Fall 2014

ART 101A - Studio Foundations: Two-Dimensional Design
4 credit hours
Prebys, Crispin - Koch Hall

No prerequisites.  This course is required for all art majors, but it is open to non-art majors.
Should be taken freshman year. Course will deal with the underlying principles basic to all visual experience.  The course will contain, but not be limited to, color theory, line, shape, visual perception and the nature of creativity.

This is a studio course that includes lectures on basic theory and production assignments that coincide with text material. Course meets general education requirement in fine, performing and literary arts.

There is a materials fee for this course.

ART 103A - Studio Foundations: Three-Dimensional Design
4 credit hours
Staff - Koch Hall

No prerequisites. Open to non-art majors.
Required for all studio art majors. An exploration of the formal use of space as it is applied to three-dimensional form.  The student will be introduced to the elements of height, width, depth, volume and form.  Project research will be in the realm of non-objectivity, abstraction and reality.  Particular attention will be given to the techniques of drawing, model making and presentation of a final solution. 

Emphasis will be placed on creative thinking and problem solving in the context of small-scale and larger projects.

It should be noted that this course requires extensive work beyond the regular class period, and no student should register for the class unless s/he has the time available for outside work.  A materials fee will be charged to cover supplies for the projects.

ART 110H  – Art History I
4 credit hours
Gimenez-Berger, Alejandra – Koch Hall

No prerequisite.
A selective chronological survey of architecture, painting, sculpture and decorative arts from the birth of art in the Prehistoric period through its development in the Middle Ages, with an emphasis on the Western tradition. 

ART 121A - Basic Drawing
4 credit hours
Mann, Jack - Koch Hall

No prerequisite.  This course is required for all studio art majors, but is open to non-art majors.

Part of the first-year foundations sequence.  This course introduces the basic disciplines of drawing:  line, value, composition, etc.

There is special emphasis on drawing as a tool for gathering ideas.

ART 231 - Painting I
4 credit hours
Charney, Ed - Koch Hall

Prerequisite: Art 121A.  Open to non-art majors.
This painting class is an introduction to the materials, techniques and concepts of painting.  Students will be encouraged to search for and develop their individual expressive potential within the limits of a series of assigned projects.  Although it is primarily a studio course, there will be periodic lectures and slide presentations.
The class is scheduled to meet six hours a week.  The student should expect, however, to spend considerable additional time in the studio.               


ART 241A - Introduction to Photography
4 credit hours
Staff - Koch Hall

No prerequisite.
This course introduces students to traditional black and white and digital photographic techniques.  Instruction covers the understanding and use of traditional and digital cameras and their functions, the process of developing black and white negatives and creating black and white 8x10 prints.  Some areas of photographic capture covered:  depth of field control, motion control, portraiture and experimental approaches.  Basic digital image editing will also be explored.
This course is intended to be the introductory course to the photography concentration for the Department of Art.  It is also a course designed for students who want an introduction to the medium as part of a broad liberal arts experience.  A $250.00 chemistry/supplies fee and a $50.00 camera/tripod rental fee are required for the course.

TEXT:  London/Stone , A Short Course in Photography, 8th edition

ART 265A - Silver Jewelry I
4 credit hours
Charney, Ed - Koch Hall

No prerequisites.
This course will be devoted to designing and fabricating silver jewelry.  Simple cutting and forming of silver, plus the use of centrifugal casting will be introduced.  Strong emphasis will be placed upon creative designing for the various techniques which will be used.  It should be noted that this course will involve a certain amount of expense to the student due to the cost of the materials which must be purchased.  There will be a lab fee and additional materials costs charged for course expenses.

Silver Jewelry is a studio course, meeting three hours per day, two days per week.  Work outside of the actual class period will be necessary and expected.

ART 271 - Graphic Design
4 credit hours
Prebys, Crispin – Koch Hall

Prerequisite:  Art 101A or permission of instructor.
The area we call Graphic Design is a rich and complex amalgam of more than one creative area.  Its practice includes the creation of many different kinds of signage, industrial products and packaging.  It also promotes effective and creative uses of typography.  Finally, it has truly become its own area of expression, as proven by many recent designers, who have pushed this craft in exciting and experimental directions.

This course will attempt to touch on all the above areas as students explore how to communicate both aesthetically and purposefully using the visual language.  The student will apply the design process (which includes concept ideation through research, brainstorming, and drawing/sketching) to appropriately integrate two-dimensional design concepts with technological ingenuity.  The student will use digital media, including the Adobe Creative Suite programs, as tools for design refinement and production.

A materials fee is required for the course.

ART 280 01– Topic:  Understanding Type
4 credit hours
Prebys, Crispin – Koch Hall

Prerequisites: Art 101A or Art 145A or Art 271 or permission of instructor.
This course looks at the fundamentals of typography and typographic design as it relates to the practice of Graphic Design, and it is explored through a variety of challenging projects.  A $200.00 materials fee is required for the course.

ART 280 02 – Topic: Watercolor
4 credit hours
Mann, Jack – Koch Hall

Prerequisite:  Art 101A and 121A or permission.  Open to non-art majors.
An introduction to materials and techniques.  There will be outside assignments.
TEXT:   Leland, Exploring Color

ART 340H  1W – Modern Art
4 credit hours
Gimenez-Berger, Alejandra – Koch Hall

Prerequisites:  Art 110H or Art 120H or permission of instructor.
An investigation into the art and architecture from the end of the 19th century through the contemporary period, primarily in Western Europe and America.  Art historical movements, including the artists and stylistic traits which embody them, will be studied chronologically. This class allows students to complete a Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Module (CLAC) for an additional credit.  You will find more information on the CLAC program in the Language Department’s course descriptions.

ART 490 – Independent Study – TBA

ART 491 – Internships - TBA

ART 496 – Senior Thesis Media Concentration
1 credit hour
Staff – Koch Hall

Prerequisite: Required for all senior studio art majors.
The Senior Thesis Media course is the studio component of the Senior Thesis program that all studio art majors must enroll into for both semesters of their senior year.  The course is a one-credit experience that provides a time frame and organizational structure for the supervision of students in that program.  Art 496 is offered simultaneously with the seminar element of the thesis program.

Students will work individually with their media advisor through a mixture of instruction, steering and assessment of the production goals for each student in that particular media area.

ART 497 1W - Art History Senior Thesis
1-4 credit hours
Gimenez-Berger, Alejandra - Koch Hall

Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor.  Required for all senior art majors concentrating in art history.
Explores methods and approaches appropriate to Art History. A supervised independent study in which the student will be expected to produce a 30- to 40-page paper on an approved Art History topic.  Because advancement in the field of Art History relies heavily on research and publications, this paper should demonstrate the student’s ability to conduct in-depth research and to produce a writing sample suitable for entry into graduate school or a position in the field.  Students will be expected to meet with the professor at regular intervals, so that the professor may determine the rate of progress and offer guidance and support.

ART 498 - Senior Studio Thesis Seminar
2 credit hours
Charney, Ed - Koch Hall

Prerequisites: Art 101A, 103A, 110H, 120H, 121A and permission of instructor.  Required for all senior studio art majors.
Art 498 is the capstone course for the Art program, and it is intended to bring intellectual, aesthetic and technical relevance to the major.  Along with the broader issues of creative work, this course will direct student thesis development and facilitate the overall production of a body of work.  Class time will be divided between discussions, field trips, portfolio development and studio-oriented activities.  This course will be the culminating experience for the studio artists and, as such, will be comprehensive and contain practical and philosophical topics that are relevant to a visual art student.  This course will be offered during the Fall semester, with continued thesis production during the spring semester, culminating in the senior thesis exhibition and presentations in April. 

ART 499 – Senior Honors Thesis – TBA


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