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Environmental Science - Fall 2014

ESCI 100N – Global Climate Change
(4 semester hours)
Fortner, Sarah

Prerequisite: Math placement score of 22.
This course will examine the science of global climate change and human-introduced climate forcing. It will survey the environmental impacts of global climate change and what this means for the habitability of the earth for humans and other species. Topics will include global climate, stakeholder analysis related to energy use and global climate change, and examining the consequences of rapid climate change. Students will investigate a climate change issue of importance to them (locally, regionally, or globally). The course is designed primarily for non-science majors.


ESCI 250 – Environmental Research Methods 
(5 semester hours)                                                                        
Fortner, Sarah

Prerequisites:  ESCI 101 and one additional course from the foundational courses approved for the environmental sciences major.
Study and application of the methods environmental scientists use to investigate environmental questions, including sampling strategies, tools, sample collection and analysis, and presentation.  The course will be problem-based.  Literature review, sample collection and analysis, and presentation will focus on the course problem but will be applicable and transferable to most problems in environmental science.  Students intending to take this course should have declared a major in environmental science and completed ESCI 101 and one additional foundational course in their major track.




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