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Geology - Fall 2014

GEOLOGY 112B - The Hydrologic Cycle
(4 semester hours)
Ritter, John

Open to all students, except those who have previously taken Geology 110B-115B, 150B, or 160B. A math placement score of 22 or above is recommended.
This course will survey the hydrologic cycle, methods geologists use to study it, its role in shaping Earth's landscape, and environmental issues associated with it. The laboratory component of the course will concentrate on methodology, experimentation, and observations used by geologists in attempting to understand the hydrologic cycle and its impact on Earth.  Numerous field experiences augment the course.  A $5.00 charge for the lab manual will be billed directly.


GEOLOGY 150B - Physical Geology
(5 semester hours)
Bladh, Ken

Open to all students, except those who have previously taken Geology 110B-115B or 160B.
Geology 150 is a comprehensive introduction to the science of geology and how geology affects our lives every day.  The course is recommended for students who are interested in the possibility of a geology major or minor, other science majors, or anyone who is interested in Earth processes and history.  The course treats fundamentals of geology (such as igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic processes and rocks), Earth’s internal structure and processes as they relate to plate tectonics, volcanism and earthquakes, and Earth’s surface processes (such as landslides, river flooding, coastal erosion, and glaciation).  Labs include examination of various rock types and use of topographic maps, earth images, and geologic maps to evaluate the geologic history and risks of natural hazards of particular areas.  Some field experiences may also be included.   


GEOLOGY 151 - Physical Geology Lab Practicum
(1 semester hour)
Bladh, Ken

Prerequisites: Geology 160 or one course from the Geol ll0B-115B Series and permission of the
Department Chair.
This course is a self-paced equivalent of the lab portion of Geology 150. It is available for students who have completed a course in the Geology 110 series (Geol 110-115) and wish to take advanced geology courses or major in Geology or Earth Science.  Students who have completed Geology 160 and wish to major in Geology or Earth Science are also required to take this course.


GEOLOGY 230 - Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy
(5 semester hours)
Bladh, Ken

Prerequisites: Geology 150 OR one course from the Geology 110B-115B Series plus Geology 151
OR Geology 160 plus Geology 151   No college-level knowledge of chemistry is assumed. Relevant foundational concepts from chemistry and physics are developed in this course.

Geology 230 is an introduction to advanced techniques of mineral identification using stereoscopic and polarized-light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction. The   course introduces students to crystallography, advanced techniques for determination of mineral physical properties and classification, crystal chemistry, geological implications of crystal growth theory, and polarized-light microscopy.  The laboratory provides hands-on experience applying advanced techniques to the identification of geologically important minerals.


GEOLOGY 270 - Field Seminar - Kentucky
(3 semester hours)
Ritter, John

Prerequisites: Geology ll0B-115B, or 150, or 160
This course provides practical experience examining a wide variety of lithologies, landforms and geologic relations, such as unconformities, erosional surfaces, faults and folds in natural settings. Problem-solving exercises emphasize basic principles of geologic science. Students keep a daily field notebook during the trip and create a final poster presentation of their findings. Transportation, camping fees and tents are provided. Enrollment priority given to Geology majors; open to Geology minors and others as space permits. Will be graded CR/NC only. Requires a 4-5 day absence from campus.


GEOLOGY 492 - Senior Seminar         
(1-4 semester hours)                                                                                            
Ritter, John

Prerequisites:  Open only to senior geology or earth science majors. 
Required of all Geology majors during their senior year.  Each student works on a research project under the supervision of a faculty member.  The project culminates in a written thesis, a public poster presentation, and a public oral presentation.  Each student registers for this course during both semesters, 0 credits in the fall and 1 credit in the spring.  Taught every year.


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