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Urban Studies - Spring 2014

POLI 221S 01 State and Local Government
4 credits
Baker, Rob

The course focuses on important contemporary problems and trends affecting state and local politics, and the role of states and localities in the federal system. Using a comparative approach, attention is given to general intergovernmental, social, economic, and cultural influences that shape state and local politics in America. Additionally, a mock state legislature is conducted providing the student with a "hands-on" experience in one of the key political processes of state government. 10/13


POLI 321 1W Public Policy
4 credits
Hasecke, Ed

Prerequisites:  POLI 101S and Jr class standing
This course is designed to consider the nature of public policy and the challenges that face society as we try to create solutions to difficult problems. The semester begins with theories of justice and then explores the paradoxes that plague public policy. The class then tackles the issue of funding public schools.  Students will perform a statistical analysis of Ohio school districts and research the current funding structure for Ohio schools. Several off-campus experiences are required to gain an understanding of the challenges facing urban schools.  Evaluation will be based on a research paper, essay exams, and additional assignments. 10/13


URBN 490   Independent Study
1-4 Credits

Prerequisite: Permission Required


URBN 491   Urban Internship
1-8 credits

Prerequisite:  Permission Required

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