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Honors - Spring 2017

HONR 300R   1W
Writing about the Roots of Faith
4 semester hours
Copeland, Warren
Prerequisite:  Signature of Honors Program Staff on Add Form

Over the past five years Professor Copeland has been writing about how he came to have the faith he has. The process forced him to think about a number of questions:  How can someone strongly committed to the scientific method decide with integrity to study and teach about religion?  How does someone committed to social justice operate within a pluralistic democracy?  How does someone living in a society marked by a deep strain of individuality work to build a sense of community strong enough to lead to public action based upon responsibility to the community?  In this Honors Seminar, students will read and discuss Dr. Copeland’s writings as they reflect on, and write about, the roots and challenges of their own faith. For the purposes of this course, “faith” is defined as that which provides meaning to one’s life and shapes how one acts whether connected to any particular religious traditions or organizations or not. 


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