Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Payable processes payments to University suppliers for goods and services. In addition, reimbursements are processed to faculty, staff, and students for certain purchases made for Wittenberg University business purposes.

I received a copy of an invoice and the purchase order number was highlighted. What am I supposed to do?

  • When all items on the invoice have been received, please send the signed pink copy of the purchase order authorizing payment to Accounts Payable.

What does "PJV" on my Budget Report mean?

  • PJV stands for Purchase Journal Voucher. This is a code the General Ledger assigns when a check has been processed.

Who do I call if I have a question regarding a Purchase Journal Voucher (PJV)?

  • Contact Accounts Payable at 937-327-76302 for all purchase journal voucher questions.

The deadline is this week to register for a conference, and the cost is over my Visa card limit. How can I register?

  • Fill out a purchase requisition and attach the conference information. Send it to purchasing as soon as possible. When the purchase order is created, it will be faxed to the vendor. A check will be processed when the invoice is received.
  • If the vendor will not take a purchase order, bring or fax the conference information to Purchasing along with a general ledger account number to charge.

Why did I receive a vendor statement Accounts Payable with items highlighted?

  • This means that the vendor has not been paid for those highlighted items. If all items ordered have been received, please check to see that the signed pink copy of the purchase order has been sent to Accounts Payable along with the corresponding invoice.

How can I find out if an invoice has been paid?

  • Check the Budget Status Report and look for "PJV" with that vendor's name and purchase order amount. This is a code the General Ledger assigns when a check has been processed. Call Accounts Payable at (937) 327-7004 with any inquiries.

May I add items to an existing purchase order?

  • Items may be added and/or changes may be made to an existing purchase order by emailing the following information to
    • In the subject line type "Change Order Request"
    • In the body of the email please include the existing purchase order number and indicate what changes need to be made. (i.e., increase/decrease price or quantity of item, add/delete item, change working in existing description of item)
    • When additional items are being added, please be sure to indicate the account number to charge. When there is not an account number on the change order request, the account number on the original purchase order will be used.
    • When all changes are made, a new purchase order will be printed and marked as "Change Order" and distributed.

I noticed that vendor charged tax on an invoice. Aren't we tax exempt?

  • The University is tax exempt. The tax exempt number is 31-053-7177. Send a copy of the Tax Exempt Certificate  and a copy of the invoice to the vendor requesting a credit for the tax charged. Click here to download Tax Exemption form Click here to download form

I received a partial shipment of items on a purchase order. Shall I wait until all items are in before I send to Accounts Payable the signed pink copy of the purchase order authorizing payment?

  • When a partial order has been received, make a copy of the pink purchase order and highlight the items received. Sign the copy and send it to Accounts Payable along with the invoice received. Write "OK to pay partial payment" on the purchase order copy. Accounts Payable will send a partial payment to the vendor. Do not send the original pink copy of the purchase order until ALL items have been received.
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